Foreign Tax definition

Foreign Tax means any Foreign Income Taxes or Foreign Other Taxes.
Foreign Tax means any Tax imposed by any foreign country or any possession of the United States, or by any political subdivision of any foreign country or United States possession, and any interest, penalties, additions to tax, or additional amounts in respect of the foregoing.
Foreign Tax means tax imposed by the laws of a foreign country or territory which is of a similar character to income tax imposed under this Act.

Examples of Foreign Tax in a sentence

  • Federal and State Tax Withholding and Reporting, and Foreign Tax Credits (cl.

  • The Brokerage and other charges like Service tax, Stamp Duty, Security Transaction Tax, SEBI fees, Exchange fees, Settlement charges, Bank charges, Turnover Tax, Foreign Tax, GST and other charges (if any), as per the rates existing from time to time, will be charged on actual.

  • Details under FATCA/ Foreign Tax LawsTax regulations require us to collect information about each investor's tax residency.

  • Contact the Foreign Tax Administrator’s Office (970-491-3538) prior to arranging payments for a foreign national.

  • The application is to be filed with the Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs.

More Definitions of Foreign Tax

Foreign Tax means any income or surtax or any tax or charge imposed under the law of any territory outside the Isle of Man which appears to the Assessor to correspond with Manx income tax.
Foreign Tax means any Foreign Income Tax or Foreign Other Tax.
Foreign Tax means any tax on income (or any other tax of a substantially similar character) chargeable or imposed by or under the laws of a territory outside Malaysia and in relation to paragraph 132(4)(d) or section 132A includes other taxes of every kind imposed by or under the laws of that territory;
Foreign Tax means a tax chargeable on profits or gains, under the laws of a territory in which the entity is not established, that is similar to income tax, corporation tax (including a charge under Part 35B) and capital gains tax.
Foreign Tax means a tax, duty, fee, levy or charge under a law of a place outside the State;
Foreign Tax means, in relation to any country an agreement with the Government of which has effect by virtue of section 144 of this Ordinance, any tax chargeable under the laws of that country for which credit may be allowed under the agreement;
Foreign Tax means a tax, of a similar character to income tax, imposed by the laws of a foreign country;