Original Documents Sample Clauses

Original Documents. If requested by Owner to do so, maintain and safeguard during the Construction Phase at least one original printed record version of the Construction Contract Documents, including Drawings and Specifications signed and sealed by Engineer and other design professionals in accordance with applicable Laws and Regulations. Throughout the Construction Phase, make such original printed record version of the Construction Contract Documents available to Contractor and Owner for review.
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Original Documents. To the extent the same are in Seller’s possession or control, original, fully executed copies of the Resident Agreements.
Original Documents. Seller will deliver to Purchaser originals within Seller's possession or control of all items enumerated in Section 6.1 and 6.2 of this Contract and copies of all items enumerated in Section 6.2 for which no originals were delivered.
Original Documents. To the extent not previously delivered to Buyer, originals of the assigned Contracts, permits or approvals.
Original Documents. The Indenture Trustee agrees to hold any assignments of mortgage or deeds of trust that are part of the Collateral received by it. The Indenture Trustee shall keep such documents in its possession separate and apart from all other property that it is holding in its possession and from its own general assets. The Indenture Trustee shall keep records showing that it is holding such documents pursuant to this Indenture. Such documents shall be released by the Indenture Trustee to or at the direction of the Issuer upon the satisfaction and discharge of this Indenture.
Original Documents. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement, the City may request that Contractor deliver, and Contractor shall deliver, within fifteen calendar days of any such request by the City, the originals of all such data and records to the City. Contractor may retain copies of all data and records delivered to the City.
Original Documents. The Agent will store all original Subscription Agreements, Note Confirmations, correspondence from Investors and Holders and other materials relating to the Renewable Note Program in a reasonably secure manner at the Agent’s principal offices or such other location as may be agreed upon with the Company. The Agent shall exercise due care in handling and delivering the original documents and the other documents in the Note files and records. The Agent shall not grant or allow any person an interest in original documents or rights thereunder, and all original documents in the possession of the Agent shall be deemed to be in the possession of the Company.
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Original Documents. The originals (or copies if originals are not available) of all the Building Documents, including without limitation, the Leases;
Original Documents. An executed, original Warrant Agreement must be received by the Holder’s attorney, Brinen & Associates, LLC at 7 Xxx Xxxxxx, Suite 1503, New York, New York 10007.
Original Documents. The originals of all Leases and Service Contracts in Seller’s Possession.
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