All Directors Sample Clauses

All Directors. Any individual serving as a Director of the Corporation.
All Directors. Any individual serving as a Director of the Corporation. ​ o(2)
All Directors. Any individual serving as a Director of the Corporation. ☒ (2)
All Directors. A Director may grant a proxy entitling another Director to exercise his voting rights. Such proxy shall be in writing and shall specify a termination date. The other Directors shall be entitled to inspect the proxy on demand.
All Directors. Any individual serving as Director of the Corporation

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  • Initial Directors As at the date of this Agreement, the sole director of BoatCo will be the Founding Director.

  • Meetings of the Board of Directors The Corporation shall call, and use its best efforts to have, regular meetings of the Board not less often than quarterly. The Corporation shall promptly pay all reasonable and appropriately documented travel expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by directors who are not employed by the Corporation in connection with attendance at meetings to transact the business of the Corporation or attendance at meetings of the Board or any committee thereof.

  • The Board of Directors AGREES TO—

  • Leave, Board of Directors A nurse who is elected to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Nurses' Association, other than to the office of President, shall be granted upon request such leave(s) of absence as she or he may require to fulfill the duties of the position. Reasonable notice - sufficient to adequately allow the Hospital to minimize disruption of its services shall be given to the Hospital for such leave of absence. Notwithstanding Article 10.04, there shall be no loss of seniority or service for a nurse during such leave of absence. Leave of absence under this provision shall be in addition to the Union leave provided in Article 11.02

  • Meetings of Directors The directors may meet together for the conduct of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings as they think fit, and meetings of the directors held at regular intervals may be held at the place, at the time and on the notice, if any, as the directors may from time to time determine.

  • Alternate Directors 95. Each Director may by written notification to the Company nominate any other person to act as alternate Director in his place and, at his discretion, in similar manner remove such alternate Director. A Director may appoint two or more persons in the alternative to act as Alternate Director and in the event of any dispute as to who is to represent the Director as his Alternate the first named of such alternative persons shall be the only person recognised as the Alternate Director and shall in any case, if in Hong Kong, be the only person entitled to receive notice of Directors’ meetings in the absence from Hong Kong of his appointer. The alternate Director shall (except as regards the power to appoint an alternate) be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions existing with reference to the other Directors of the Company; and each alternate Director, whilst acting as such, shall exercise and discharge all the functions, powers and duties of the Director he represents, but shall look to such Director solely for his remuneration as alternate Director. Every person acting as an alternate Director shall have one vote for each Director for whom he acts as alternate (in addition to his own vote if he is also a Director). The signature of an alternate Director to any resolution in writing of the Board or a committee of the Board shall, unless the notice of his appointment provides to the contrary, be as effective as the signature of his appointor. Any person appointed as an alternate Director shall vacate his office as such alternate Director as and when the Director by whom he has been appointed removes him or vacates office as Director. A Director shall not be liable for the acts or defaults of any alternate Director appointed by him.

  • Medical Director The Contractor shall employ the services of a Medical Director who is a licensed Indiana Health Care Provider (IHCP) provider board certified in family medicine or internal medicine. If the Medical Director is not board certified in family medicine, they shall be supported by a clinical team with experience in pediatrics, behavioral health, adult medicine and obstetrics/gynecology. The Medical Director shall be dedicated full-time to the Contractor’s Indiana Medicaid product lines. The Medical Director shall oversee the development and implementation of the Contractor’s disease management, case management and care management programs; oversee the development of the Contractor’s clinical practice guidelines; review any potential quality of care problems; oversee the Contractor’s clinical management program and programs that address special needs populations; oversee health screenings; serve as the Contractor’s medical professional interface with the Contractor’s primary medical providers (PMPs) and specialty providers; and direct the Quality Management and Utilization Management programs, including, but not limited to, monitoring, corrective actions and other quality management, utilization management or program integrity activities. The Medical Director, in close coordination with other key staff, is responsible for ensuring that the medical management and quality management components of the Contractor’s operations are in compliance with the terms of the Contract. The Medical Director shall work closely with the Pharmacy Director to ensure compliance with pharmacy-related responsibilities set forth in Section 3.4. The Medical Director shall attend all OMPP quality meetings, including the Quality Strategy Committee meetings. If the Medical Director is unable to attend an OMPP quality meeting, the Medical Director shall designate a representative to take his or her place. Notwithstanding the Medical Director ‘s sending of a representative, the Medical Director shall be responsible for knowing and taking appropriate action on all agenda and action items from all OMPP quality meetings.

  • Meeting of the Board of Directors The Board of Directors of the Company may hold meetings, both regular and special, within or outside the State of Delaware. Regular meetings of the Board may be held without notice at such time and at such place as shall from time to time be determined by the Board. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President on not less than one day’s notice to each Director by telephone, facsimile, mail, telegram or any other means of communication, and special meetings shall be called by the President or Secretary in like manner and with like notice upon the written request of any one or more of the Directors.

  • Board of Directors Meetings The Company shall use its best efforts to ensure that meetings of its Board of Directors are held at least four times each year and at least once each quarter.

  • Executive Committee (A) The Executive Committee shall be composed of not more than nine members who shall be selected by the Board of Directors from its own members and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Board.