Hot Work definition

Hot Work means work involving electric or gas welding, cutting, brazing, or similar flame or spark-producing operations.
Hot Work means laborers work in connection with welding, cutting, or machine excavation of operating mainline pipelines where there is a danger of fire, explosion, or violent release of pressure, at such times as the laborer is required by the Employer to work in the immediate area of danger. This shall not include such lines that have been purged with air movers, water or other acceptable methods.

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  • P_ag_e_3 of 6 FLUE SYSTEMS – CANOPIES – FREE STANDING CHIMNEYS FAN DILUTED & ASSISTED FLUES – GENERATOR EXHAUST SYSTEMS Company Registration No. 4950333 VAT Registration No. 825 9213 24 Design – Supply – InstallFluevent Engineering Services Limited Unit 42, Ground Floor,Faircharm Trading Estate, Evelyn Drive, Leicester, LE3 2BUTel: 0116 289 8777Fax: 0116 289 8666Email: Web: Contract:-County Hall, Northampton Hot Work No hot work will be undertaken on site.

  • An employee Hot Work Permit Form must be submitted and approved prior to the commencement of any hot work.

  • In-person every 2years (24 months) Annual Self- InspectionRegularly use, dispense, transfer chemicals with ph of two or less and/or twelve or greater.Only non-reactive gases (e.g. nitrogen, helium, argon etc.) are used.Designated Hot Work locationsShop and fabrication spaces with stationary machinery (millwork, welding, sheet metal, mills, foundry, etc.) or portable power tools.

  • Employees on Furnace Repair shall be paid thirty-five cents($0.35) per hour over their regular hourly base rate as premium for "Hot Work".

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Hot Work means riveting, welding, flame cutting or other fire or spark-producing operation.
Hot Work means any work which involves -
Hot Work means an activity that can produce a spark or flame or other source of ignition having sufficient energy to cause ignition, where the potential for flammable vapors, gases, or dust exists.
Hot Work means the excavating to expose or the cradling for cutting and welding of all pressurized or operating mainline pipelines containing or having contained hazardous materials so that the rupturing, cutting or welding of the pipe may result in fire, explosion or violent release of pressure, but not including such lines which have been purged with air movers, water or other acceptable methods.
Hot Work means any work involving:
Hot Work means work that produces arcs, sparks, flames, heat or other sources of ignition. (« travail à chaud »)
Hot Work means any activity requiring the use of electric arc or gas welding equipment, cutting burner equipment or other forms of flame, as well as heating or spark-generating tools, regardless of where it is carried out on board a ship.