Levels of Grievance Procedure Sample Clauses

Levels of Grievance Procedure. 1. Level One - Informal: The aggrieved will first discuss his/her grievance with his/her immediate supervisor within ten (10) days of grievance or knowledge of the grievance, either individually or accompanied by a representative with the objective of resolving the matter informally. The immediate supervisor shall communicate his/her decision within two (2) days.
Levels of Grievance Procedure. (See chart in Appendix B)
Levels of Grievance Procedure. Level One The teacher with an alleged grievance shall, within five (5) days after the alleged occurrence, first discuss the matter with his/her Association Representative. If the Association Representative concurs that a grievance exists, move to Level Two. If the Association Representative does not feel a grievance exists, the grievant may appeal the Association Representative’s decision to the Appeal Committee. The Appeal Committee shall render its decision within five (5) days as to whether a grievance exists and may be taken to Level Two or does not exist and may only be continued to Level Two at the aggrievant’s own initiative without Association support. Level Two The teacher with a grievance shall reduce the grievance to writing on the form provided, sign it, and submit it to his/her principal within five (5) days after discussion on Level One. The principal shall make his/her decision known within three (3) days. Level Three In the event the grievance is not satisfactorily resolved at Level Two within three (3) days, the Grievant or the Association Representative shall file the grievance in writing with the Grievance Committee within five (5) days after the decision at Level Two. The Committee shall, within five (5) days, make a judgment of the decision. If the Committee decides that the decision at Level Two is in the best interest of the educational system, it shall so notify the teacher and the Association Representative. If the Committee decides that the decision at Level Two is not satisfactory, it shall refer such grievance in writing to the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent of Schools shall designate three (3) persons, who may include himself/herself, to represent the administration. The Chair of the Grievance Committee shall designate three (3) persons, who may include himself/herself, as an Ad Hoc Committee to represent the Association. Within ten (10) days after receipt of the written grievance by the Superintendent, these two (2) representative groups shall meet to consider the problem and to arrive at an equitable solution of the grievance within five (5) days.
Levels of Grievance Procedure. 1. Level One – The principal of the respective school in which the grievant serves.
Levels of Grievance Procedure. 1. Level One - Immediate Supervisor
Levels of Grievance Procedure. 1. STEP 1 - ALL GRIEVANCES - CONVERSATION OF INTENT TO FILE A GRIEVANCE The grievant employee shall discuss the grievance with his immediate supervisor or building principal within ten (10) working days from the occurrence thereof or of the employee's first knowledge thereof. Such supervisor shall respond to the grievance as quickly as reasonable but no later than ten (10) working days after the grievance is first discussed. In the event of a class grievance, the grievance will begin with a written grievance to the Superintendent with a copy to the immediate supervisor.
Levels of Grievance Procedure. The following levels of grievance 16 are available to the parties:
Levels of Grievance Procedure. Step 1 -
Levels of Grievance Procedure. (Grievances will be processed consecutively through Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4)
Levels of Grievance Procedure. 1. STEP 1 - ALL GRIEVANCES -