Political action committee definition

Political action committee or “PAC” means an organization whose purpose is to solicit and make Political Contributions.
Political action committee means a limited or unlimited committee that has filed or should have filed a statement of organization with the Commission as required by these Rules;
Political action committee means any group of two (2) or more persons that

Examples of Political action committee in a sentence

  • These contributions are voluntary in nature and will be transmitted by the Local Union to an affiliated Political Action Committee as authorized by the employees.

  • Contributions shall be made payable as directed by the Union to the Political Action Committee, P.E.O.P.L.E., of the Union.

  • Pursuant to Section 5‐260a of the Connecticut General Statutes, upon receipt of a professional staff member’s written request, the employer shall deduct from that staff member’s salary each pay period the requested payments to AFSCME’s Political Action Committee and remit same promptly to AFSCME, together with a list of the names.

More Definitions of Political action committee

Political action committee means "political action committee" as defined in § 24.2-945.1.
Political action committee means an entity, or any group of individuals or entities within or outside this state, a major purpose of which is to:
Political action committee means a committee organized by one or more
Political action committee or “PAC” means an organization that raises money privately to influence elections or legislation. Contribution to a PAC may not be prohibited, but in all instances, Supervised Persons must obtain prior approval of such Political Contributions to PACs from the CCO. Any questions regarding whether a contribution to an organization requires pre-clearance under this policy should be directed to the CCO.
Political action committee means a committee organized by one or more persons, the primary purpose of which is to support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more candidates. The following are types of political action committees:
Political action committee means an entity that is required
Political action committee means a political committee that is not: