The aggrieved definition

The aggrieved is the person or persons making the complaint.

Examples of The aggrieved in a sentence

  • The aggrieved party shall immediately notify the other party in writing of the nature of the alleged claim, controversy or dispute, not later than seven (7) days from awareness of the existence thereof.

  • The aggrieved person may, within ten working days of the mailing to him or her of notice that the complaint has been rejected by the director of personnel, request that the director’s action be reviewed by an impartial practicing attorney selected by the civil service commission.

  • The aggrieved person shall also mail a copy of the protest to the CO for the solicitation.

  • The aggrieved person/complainant has a right to be accompanied, represented and advised by a person of his or her own choosing at all stages of the process, but no recognized employee organization shall be obligated to furnish such representation or advice except upon such basis as the aggrieved person/complainant and the recognized employee organization shall mutually agree.

  • The aggrieved connection user shall inform the network operator or if it is certain the company liable to pay compensation about the damage.

  • NOTIFICATION The aggrieved party shall immediately notify the other party in writing of the nature of the alleged claim, controversy or dispute, not later than seven (7) days from awareness of the existence thereof.

  • The aggrieved persons can approach a court of law at any time and independent of the project level grievance redress process.

  • The aggrieved party may terminate this Agreement for cause if the party in breach has not corrected the breach within ten (10) days after written notice from the aggrieved party identifying the breach.

  • The aggrieved person must serve all other interested parties with its protest.

  • The aggrieved bidder/proposer must serve all other interested parties with its appeal.

Related to The aggrieved

  • Aggrieved means suffering actual loss or injury, or being exposed to potential loss or injury, to legitimate interests. Such interests include, but are not limited to, business, economic, aesthetic, governmental, recreational, or conservational interests.

  • Aggrieved party means a party entitled to pursue a remedy.

  • Aggrieved person is the person or persons making the claim.

  • Non-Defaulting Party has the meaning specified in Section 6(a).

  • prevailing party shall include, without limitation, a Party or Broker who substantially obtains or defeats the relief sought, as the case may be, whether by compromise, settlement, judgment, or the abandonment by the other Party or Broker of its claim or defense. The attorneys' fee award shall not be computed in accordance with any court fee schedule, but shall be such as to fully reimburse all attorneys' fees reasonably incurred. Lessor shall be entitled to attorneys' fees, costs and expenses incurred in preparation and service of notices of Default and consultations in connection therewith, whether or not a legal action is subsequently commenced in connection with such Default or resulting Breach. Broker(s) shall be intended third party beneficiaries of this Paragraph 31.

  • Opposing Party means the third party that owes Borrower Miscellaneous Proceeds or the party against whom Xxxxxxxx has a right of action in regard to Miscellaneous Proceeds. Borrower shall be in default if any action or proceeding, whether civil or criminal, is begun that, in Xxxxxx’s judgment, could result in forfeiture of the Property or other material impairment of Xxxxxx’s interest in the Property or rights under this Security Instrument. Borrower can cure such a default and, if acceleration has occurred, reinstate as provided in Section 19, by causing the action or proceeding to be dismissed with a ruling that, in Xxxxxx’s judgment, precludes forfeiture of the Property or other material impairment of Xxxxxx’s interest in the Property or rights under this Security Instrument. The proceeds of any award or claim for damages that are attributable to the impairment of Xxxxxx’s interest in the Property are hereby assigned and shall be paid to Lender. All Miscellaneous Proceeds that are not applied to restoration or repair of the Property shall be applied in the order provided for in Section 2.

  • Aggrieved Employee means all current and former hourly-paid or non-exempt employees of Defendant within the State of California at any time during the PAGA Period.

  • Quantifiable means, in the context of offset projects, the ability to accurately measure and calculate GHG reductions or GHG removal enhancements relative to a project baseline in a reliable and replicable manner for all GHG emission sources, GHG sinks, or GHG reservoirs included within the offset project boundary, while accounting for uncertainty and activity-shifting leakage and market-shifting leakage.

  • Damages means any loss, claim, damage, liability, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and disbursements and costs and expenses of expert witnesses and investigation).

  • Participating Party means an enterprise or public body that has committed itself to reaching certain objectives under a voluntary agreement, or is covered by a national regulatory policy instrument;

  • Recover "Recovered," "Recovery" means all monies recovered by way of judgment, settlement, reimbursement, or otherwise to compensate for any loss related to any Injury, Illness, condition, and/or accident where a Third Party is or may be responsible. "Recovery" includes, but is not limited to, recoveries for medical or dental expenses, attorneys' fees, costs and expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, wrongful death, wages and/or any other recovery of any form of damages or compensation whatsoever.

  • injured party means any person entitled to claim compensation in respect of any loss or injury caused by a vehicle;

  • Aggrieved individual means a student, the parents or guardians of a student under the age of 18 acting on behalf of a student, an employee of the district, or member of the public who is directly affected by and/or is witness to an alleged violation of Board policies prohibiting unlawful discrimination or harassment.

  • Non-Performing Party The Party who is in breach of, or is otherwise failing to perform, its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Defaulting Party has the meaning specified in Section 6(a).

  • entitled Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, as Servicer, for the benefit of registered holders of Chase Manhattan Acceptance Corporation Multi-Class Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series [ ], Class B-5." Amounts in the Collateral Fund shall continue to be the property of the Purchaser, subject to the first priority security interest granted hereunder for the benefit of the Certificate holders, until withdrawn from the Collateral Fund pursuant to Section 2.02 or 2.03 hereof. Upon the termination of this Agreement and the liquidation of all Mortgage Loans as to which the Purchaser has made any Election to Delay Foreclosure or any Election to Foreclose pursuant to Section 2.04 hereof, the Company shall distribute to the Purchaser all amounts remaining in the Collateral Fund together with any investment earnings thereon. The Collateral Fund shall be an "outside reserve fund" within the meaning of the REMIC Provisions, beneficially owned by the Purchaser. In no event shall the Purchaser (i) take or cause the Trustee or the Company to take any action that could cause any REMIC established under the Trust Agreement to fail to qualify as a REMIC or cause the imposition on any such REMIC of any "prohibited transaction" or "prohibited contribution" taxes or (ii) cause the Trustee or the Company to fail to take any action necessary to maintain the status of any such REMIC as a REMIC.

  • Non-Defaulting Member means a Member who is not a Defaulting Member.

  • Party or Parties means CenturyLink, as described in the first paragraph of this Agreement, or CLEC depending on the context and no other entity, Affiliate, Subsidiary or assign. Parties refers collectively to both CenturyLink and CLEC and no other entities, Affiliates, Subsidiaries or assigns.

  • Non-Breaching Party has the meaning set forth in Section 12.2.1.

  • Receiving Party Personnel has the meaning set forth in Section 37(d).

  • Performing Party As defined in Section 11.12.

  • Defense Expenses means reasonable and necessary fees, costs, charges or expenses resulting from the investigation, defense or appeal of a Claim or a Proceeding. Defense Expenses do not include: (a) amounts incurred prior to the date a Claim is first made, or aProceeding is first brought, and reported to the Insurer; (b) compensation or benefits of any natural person Insured or any overhead expenses of any Insured organization; (c) fines or penalties; or (d) any costs, fees or expenses to comply with a determination or decision made by a regulatory body, licensing board, agency or other organization in a Proceeding.

  • Default Charges Default Interest and/or late payment charges that are paid or payable, as the context may require, in respect of any Mortgage Loan or Serviced Pari Passu Companion Loan or REO Mortgage Loan.

  • Default Costs means reasonable attorney's fees and remarketing costs resulting from a Lessee default or Lessor's enforcement of its remedies. DELIVERY DATE - means date of delivery of Inventory Equipment to Lessee's address.

  • Defaulting Participant means a Participant which the Project Committee has declared to be in substantial breach of this Consortium Agreement or the PPP Allowance Agreement in accordance with Sections 3.5 and 6.5 of this Consortium Agreement;

  • Injured Person under this section means a Member covered by the EOC who sustains an injury or illness and any spouse, dependent or other person or entity that may recover on behalf of such Member including the estate of the Member and, if the Member is a minor, the guardian or parent of the Member. When referred to in this section, "KFHPWA's Medical Expenses" means the expenses incurred and the value of the benefits provided by KFHPWA under this EOC for the care or treatment of the injury or illness sustained by the Injured Person.