Leads Sample Clauses

Leads. The Company shall: (check one) ☐ - Not pay the Affiliate for leads. ☐ - Pay the Affiliate the following lead amount: (enter below) Amount ($) Type (e.g. E-Mail, Sign-up, etc.) (“Lead Amount”) A successful lead shall be determined by: .
Leads. MTI may generate and will refer to ev3 all leads for potential customers of the Products within the Territory. To refer a lead, MTI will complete a Lead Referral form and remit it to ev3. ev3 will follow-up on such leads according to the Marketing Plan.
Leads. Instructional department $5,200* lead positions are faculty shared governance positions elected by departmental full-time faculty every two years. Job responsibilities in addition to those delineated in Appendix D are determined by the deans based upon the specific needs of the College, division, or departmental programs. Duties do not involve faculty-to- faculty discipline or evaluation. Music English $5,200 5 contact hours release per quarter Visual Arts $5,200 Speech/Drama $5,200 Foreign Language $5,200 Social Science $5,200 Business $5,200 Life Science $5,200 Engineering Technology $5,200 Exercise Science $5,200 Physical Science $5,200 Math 5 contact hours release per quarter Behavioral Science $5,200
Leads. IARS recognizes the traditional role of the lead in coordinating work with other crafts and providing technical knowledge and expertise for craft workers. XXXX also recognizes safety issues with people working alone on certain tasks. The Union acknowledges that IARS has a small number of crafts employees and agrees that IARS shall not be required to have a lead or more than one person in each craft. XXXX agrees to schedule work assignments and personnel in keeping with safe work practices. This does not preclude IARS from having lead positions if operational needs change. Agreed: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx UC Berkeley Labor Relations IARS Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx ACBCTC September 22, 2011 Xx. Xxxx Xxxxx Morman Business Representative Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxx 000 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 Re: Fatigue Time Side Letter, Article 11 Dear Xx. Xxxxxx: During successor negotiations over the contract between the University of California (“UC”), and the Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council (“UNION”), the parties agreed to create a side letter memorializing the agreement between the UC Berkeley CAMPUS (“CAMPUS”) and ACBCTC to establish a 6 month pilot program for CAMPUS employees assigned to shutdowns. The parties also agreed to an extension of the pilot program. Following the extension, the parties agreed to make Fatigue Time a permanent part of the agreement via a sideletter. Following is the text of the agreed upon language. Side Agreement In recognition of the service provided to the CAMPUS and to reduce the potential for accidents as a result of an employee having insufficient rest time before beginning his next regularly scheduled shift, the CAMPUS and the UNION have agreed to include Fatigue Time in the labor agreement between the parties. The parties further recognize the Fatigue time pilot program has proven beneficial to both the CAMPUS and the UNION. The elements of Fatigue Time are as follows:
Leads. NovaCare agrees to promptly forward to Nautilus Marketing a complete written description of any lead or other information generated by NovaCare's advertising, trade shows, and other activities, or otherwise received by Novacare, relating to potential sales outside the NovaCare Market.
Leads. Without otherwise limiting Vivint’s obligations as set forth in Section 2(a), Vivint may provide to Vivint Solar Competitors (other than SolarCity Corporation) leads for prospective customers of products or services within the Vivint Solar Business in markets where Vivint Solar is not operating. Starting ten (10) business days after Vivint Solar’s delivery of written notice to Vivint that Vivint Solar has commenced operations in a market, Vivint will thereafter exclusively provide all leads relating to the Vivint Solar Business solely to Vivint Solar. For the avoidance of doubt, in no event will Vivint provide any lead relating to the Vivint Solar Business to any person other than Vivint Solar in the markets where Vivint Solar operates.
Leads. For any Leads referred by You to Us that are within the Target Segments (see Section 3.3 above) You shall be entitled to a Referral Fee, in the amount set out in the Enrollment Form, under the following conditions:
Leads. Partner shall provide the counts detailing the number of times an End User contacts the Content Source or applicable broker or agent within the Content Source directly from the Licensed Content that is displayed on the Partner Site, an Additional Site, or the Partner Mobile Apps. Partner shall report email and telephone leads separately in its reporting. Partner shall also report leads that are generated for any non-listing agent directly from the Licensed Content, which reporting shall identify both the listing from which each lead was generated and the non-listing agent who received such lead. Lead counts must be provided per listing with a timestamp, provided however that in the event that Partner is not able to provide timestamps immediately upon the Effective Date, Partner may provide datestamps in lieu of timestamps until such time as Partner is able to provide timestamps, which shall in no event be later than sixty (60) days after the Effective Date. For purposes of clarity, Partner shall not be required to provide the reporting described in this Section with respect to end users who respond to paid display advertisements that are displayed on pages that also contain Licensed Content so long as when an end user takes an action on such a paid display advertisement, Partner does not provide the advertiser with any information and/or data from, or that identifies in any way, a particular listing or property within the Licensed Content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MSI and Partner acknowledge and agree that: (i) as of the Effective Date, Partner is not currently capable of providing the reporting metrics described in this Section 5.8.2 with respect to the Partner Mobile Apps (the “Mobile App Metrics”); (ii) as of the Effective Date, Partner is not currently capable of providing reporting with respect to leads generated for any non-listing agent directly from the Licensed Content, as described in Section, above (the “Non-Listing Agent Lead Metrics”); (iii) Partner shall begin providing all reporting metrics described in this Section 5.8.2, with the exception of the Mobile App Metrics and the Non-Listing Agent Lead Metrics, no later than fourteen (14) days after the Effective Date and shall continue providing such reporting metrics each day for the duration of the Term; (iv) Partner shall begin providing the Mobile App Metrics as soon as reasonably possible, which shall in no event be later than the date on which Partner begins including...
Leads. All leads for business recruitment and retention will be shared with CITY’S Economic Development Director for a collaborative business development response.
Leads. Provider agrees to advise Engage promptly of any ----- license leads or potential customers for the Data Services or Products outside of the Territory.