April 2017 Sample Clauses

April 2017. Guide: Heritage Revitalization Agreements Heritage Commission and City staff. In addition to a heritage evalu- ation, a property’s eligibility for an HRA will be assessed against neighbourhood context and character, streetscape, and existing zoning. A further analysis of the public and private benefits must also take place.
April 2017. 2.9 A Partner is prohibited to register or use the name of the Company. Partner’s products, services, domain names or any other identifications cannot be similar phonetically or writing to the name of the Company, its sites or products.
April 2017. 9.2 None of the party of this Agreement will be held responsible for total or partial failure to perform any of his/her obligations if the failure will be a consequence of force majeure (flood, fire, earthquake and other natural disasters as well as war or military actions of any kind, blockade, decisions of public authorities and other extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances beyond the partiescontrol).
April 2017. 0.00 May 2017........ 0.00 June 2017....... 0.00
April 2017. 5.20 If personal details or registration data of the Partner coincides, in part or in full, with registration data of a Referred Client, the Company reserves the right to consider this coincidence as a ground to apply Clauses 5.4 and not to pay the Affiliate commission to this Partner and exclude such Referral from his/her Referral group.
April 2017. 6.2 An archive affiliate account is restored automatically within 24 hours once an Affiliate commission has been paid into it.
April 2017 b) post links to the Company’s website on his/her site (including referral links) as well as banners provided by the Company;
April 2017. 9.3 The party, which failed to fulfill its obligations, shall immediately notify in writing the other party of the occurrence of such circumstances, indicating expected duration and termination date of the above circumstances not later than within 5 bank days from the moment of the beginning or termination of such circumstances. Appendix 1 to Affiliate Agreement: Markups and Fees Remark: