Enrollment Form definition

Enrollment Form means an agreement pursuant to which an Eligible Employee may elect to enroll in the Plan, to authorize a new level of payroll deductions, or to stop payroll deductions and withdraw from an Offering Period.
Enrollment Form means the form, to be provided by the department, to be used by participants to enroll in a plan or to indicate a change in coverage.
Enrollment Form means the agreement to participate and related elections filed by a Participant pursuant to Section 5.1 of the 2005 Plan, in the form prescribed by the Committee, directing the Company to reduce the amount of DirectorsFees otherwise currently payable to the Participant and credit such amount to the Participant’s Deferral Account hereunder.

Examples of Enrollment Form in a sentence

To be eligible, families must submit an application through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment and have their parish complete and return the Parish Enrollment Form.

You are voluntarily choosing to select or change the entity that supplies your electricity service to Green Mountain, and you are not filling out this form to receive additional information.• You have received and read/been given a reasonable opportunity to read this Residential Electricity Enrollment Form, including the Product terms.

Students may request proof of full time enrollment by completing a Proof of Full Time Enrollment Form located in forms holder in the lobby, outside the Office of the Registrar or on the College’s web site.

If you do not know your new dependent’s SSN, the paper Benefits Enrollment Form is required.

I understand that Scampers Daycamp for Dogs has relied upon my representation of my dog’s health and socialization as described in the attached Enrollment Form in admitting my dog for services at their facility.

More Definitions of Enrollment Form

Enrollment Form means the agreement(s) between the Company and an Eligible Employee, in such written, electronic, or other format and/or pursuant to such written, electronic, or other process as may be established by the Administrator from time to time, pursuant to which an Eligible Employee elects to participate in the Plan or to which a Participant elects to make changes with respect to the Participant’s participation as permitted by the Plan.
Enrollment Form means the form or forms provided by the Employer or Administrator for the purpose of allowing an Eligible Employee to participate in this Health Care FSA.
Enrollment Form means the Enrollment/Change Form whereby an Optionee authorizes a Participating Employer to withhold payroll deductions from his or her Base Salary and is otherwise in such form as the Committee may specify.
Enrollment Form means the enrollment form (in writing or electronic) approved by the Committee on which the Participant gives notice of his or her election to participate in an Offering under the Plan.
Enrollment Form means application as defined in Section 31A-1-301.
Enrollment Form means such enrollment form as the Plan Administrator or the Company may from time to time, or upon request, furnish to Shareholders or new investors who are not Shareholders and which shall be returned to the Plan Administrator together with the Initial Cash Investment to indicate their election to participate in the Plan.