TIME FACULTY Sample Clauses

TIME FACULTY. Section 1. The College will not discriminate against any faculty member with respect to wages, hours, terms or conditions of employment by reason of his/her membership in or participation in the activities of the Union.
TIME FACULTY. 8.1 The District will guarantee, for full-time Unit members participating in the District-wide Health and Welfare program, an ongoing health & welfare contribution in an amount such that the premium for employee-only for Xxxxxx Permanente is fully covered by the District, and that the premiums for employee +1 and family plans for Xxxxxx Permanente are at least 90% covered by the District effective February 1, 2022. Those bargaining Unit members who choose other health plan offerings will pay the difference between the above-mentioned amount for Xxxxxx Permanente and the actual cost, except that employee-only bargaining Unit members who select United Health Care Network One (UHC-N1) will receive an amount equal to the UHC-N1 employee-only premium, less $50 per month. All other employee-only coverages will receive the same district contribution as that for UHC-N1. Dependents are defined as: spouse, registered domestic partner and legal dependents.
TIME FACULTY. 11.1 Part-time Faculty may teach up to eleven (11) contact hours in an academic semester, and up to fifteen (15) contact hours in an academic year, excluding Summer Sessions, in the Rindge campus academic program.
TIME FACULTY. The primary responsibility of a full-time faculty member is to provide quality instruction for students. To accomplish this goal, 16 to 21 contact hours based on an average class size of 21-35 students is a normal load for full-time faculty. For online classes, classes will be capped at 25 students. Such a workload represents an average for the two-semester (Fall/Spring) academic year. For 10.5-month faculty, the summer load is 3-6 contact hours in either the first or second summer session, depending on the terms of their contract. For 12-month faculty, the summer load is 9 hours over the full summer semester. Anything above the “normal load” in one semester would be consid- ered an overload. Maximum overload allowance (without further approval) is defined as up to 2 courses or 12 contact hours (whichever is greater), per semester. Depending on department/program need, exceptions to the above range may be recommended by the appro- priate Department Chair/Coordinator and are subject to approval by the Vice President of Instruction and the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs & Institutional Planning. In addition to the responsibilities listed above, each full-time faculty will be expected to spend several hours each week on campus involved in advising students and helping students on an individual basis. Office hours should be posted on or near the door of the faculty member’s office. Each faculty member is contracted for a 40-hour work week and is expected to be on campus a minimum of 30 hours per week while under contract, including classroom instruction, office hours, and other responsibilities. When the department chair determines that a faculty member’s employment responsibilities (instructional plus additional duties as required and/or assigned by the department chair) are being fulfilled, the department chair may recommend to the Vice President of Instruction an overload contract for additional instructional duties. Per Policy 3.3.2 PART-TIME FACULTY Adjunct faculty contracts are offered on a semester basis. Pay rates are based on credentials and weekly contact hours for each course according to the NCCCS Combined Course Library. One contact hour is equivalent to 2.25 work hours. Calculated total work hours include one office hour per course section per week. The maximum number of contact hours for which an adjunct faculty member may be contracted each semester is 12 contact hours. Exceptions may be made for extraordinary circumstances and must ...
TIME FACULTY. 11.1 Part-time Faculty may teach up to eleven (11) FLHs in an academic semester, and up to fifteen (15) FLHs in an academic year, excluding Summer Sessions, in the Rindge campus academic program.
TIME FACULTY. 11.1 Part-time Faculty will be allowed to teach up to fifteen (15) FLHs, in an academic year, excluding Summer Sessions, in the Rindge campus academic program.


  • Part-Time Faculty A faculty member whose appointment is for a specified period of time and does not meet the full load requirements for an Academic Year as defined herein. Such appointment carries with it no promise or expectation of continued employment. Such appointments are not applicable towards tenure.

  • Faculty a. All instructors teaching dual credit courses must meet the College’s academic requirements as outlined by SACSCOC Faculty Credentialing requirements, as determined by the College. All instructors teaching dual credit classes at the School site must be approved and hired as faculty by the College prior to teaching dual credit courses. The faculty credentialing process used by the College for faculty on the College site will apply for faculty on the School site. The College will designate staff in the respective discipline to supervise and evaluate the faculty on the School site using the same or comparable procedures used with faculty on the College site.

  • Adjunct Faculty Adjunct faculty shall be eligible for benefits as follows:

  • PROFESSORS, TEACHERS AND RESEARCHERS 1. An individual who is a resident of a Contracting State immediately before making a visit to the other Contracting State, and who, at the invitation of any university, college, school or other similar educational institution which is recognized by the competent authority in that other Contracting State, visits that other Contracting State for a period not exceeding two years solely for the purpose of teaching or research or both at such educational institution shall be exempt from tax in that other Contracting State on any remuneration for such teaching or research.

  • Training Courses 16.3.1 Training courses will be as described in the Seller’s customer services catalog (the “Seller’s Customer Services Catalog”). The Seller’s Customer Services Catalog also sets forth the minimum and maximum number of trainees per course. All training requests or training course changes made outside of the scope of the Training Conference will be submitted by the Buyer with a minimum of ***** prior notice.

  • Students Payments which a student or business apprentice who is or was immediately before visiting a Contracting State a resident of the other Contracting State and who is present in the first-mentioned State solely for the purpose of his education or training receives for the purpose of his maintenance, education or training shall not be taxed in that State, provided that such payments arise from sources outside that State.

  • Summer Students Students hired for summer employment during the period May 1 to September 30 in accordance with the current Letter of Understanding shall be paid the Summer Student rate as provided in Appendix “A”. Students shall pay Union dues in accordance with the provisions of Article 3, Section 3.01, their hours of work will be the hours specified for Regular Employees, but no other provisions of this Agreement shall apply. Students required by the Company to wear safety footwear will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $55.00 per calendar year toward the purchase of Canadian Standards Association approved safety footwear that meets Company standards. Students must provide the Company with a paid receipt to support the purchase of approved safety footwear in order to obtain reimbursement.

  • TEACHERS AND RESEARCHERS An individual who is, or immediately before visiting a Contracting State was, a resident of the other Contracting State and is present in the first-mentioned Contracting State for the primary purpose of teaching, giving lectures or conducting research at a university, college, school or educational institution or scientific research institution accredited by the Government of the first-mentioned Contracting State shall be exempt from tax in the first-mentioned Contracting State, for a period of three years from the date of his first arrival in the first-mentioned Contracting State, in respect of remuneration for such teaching, lectures or research.

  • Specialist Schools Allowance Funding equivalent to that which a maintained school with the Academy's characteristics would receive in respect of their participation in the specialist schools programme. In the year of conversion, this may continue to be paid by the Local Authority;

  • Time Limits to Present Initial Grievance An employee who wishes to present a grievance at Step 2 of the grievance procedure, in the manner prescribed in Clause 8.4, must do so no later than 30 days after the date: