Partner Site definition

Partner Site means Partner's web site through which prospective Customers will access the Co- Branded Landing Page.
Partner Site means any website, platform, channel and/or application owned, operated and maintained by you.
Partner Site means an entity according to Article 11.

Examples of Partner Site in a sentence

  • By entering the Partner Programme, the Partner undertakes, through the Partner Site, to promote Fortuna, to support and refer potential Bettors to the Website of Fortuna and to make a contract and registration with the use of the link assigned.

More Definitions of Partner Site

Partner Site means the default Internet home page that is located at the site the entity named in the Online Application
Partner Site means an Internet website operated and managed bya Partner that is registered by the Partner for theServices.
Partner Site means any website, mobile site and/or applications described as the Partner Site in any Commercial Agreement.
Partner Site has the meaning set forth in Section 1.10, above.
Partner Site means the site located at and any other websites through which Partner ofxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxvices.
Partner Site means Partner's web site through which prospective Customers may access the Trial Sign-Up Page.
Partner Site means one or more websites operated or administered in the Partner’s own name by the Partner, which is focused, in terms of its content, on natural persons over 18 years of age;