Laboratories Sample Clauses

Laboratories. A Primary Provider / Surgeon / Surgical Facility agrees to obtain results of laboratory services, to include pathology, from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) certified laboratory.
Laboratories. The Contractor shall maintain a comprehensive Provider network of laboratories that ensures laboratories are accessible to all Members. The Contractor shall ensure that all laboratory testing sites providing services under this contract have either a clinical laboratory (CLIA) certificate or a waiver of a certificate of registration, along with a CLIA number, pursuant to 42 CFR 493.3.
Laboratories. For the purpose of this Article, laboratories shall be defined as:
Laboratories. The weekly teaching workload is 23 regularly scheduled class contact hours where the principal instructional delivery mode is through the laboratory method. Labs are defined as those classes as stated in the College calendar and as approved by the Curriculum Committee procedures. It is recognized that some labs require a higher rating than 70% (23 class contact hours/week). In such instances the Xxxx or appropriate Administrator, in consultation with the appropriate School Chair/Department Head, will recognize additional workload credits. For example, the lab courses identified in the Workload Committee report dated October 30, 1989 will be included in this category. The annual workload will consist of 731 hours of lab class contact hours.
Laboratories. A list of two (2) testing laboratories shall be maintained by the Employer. Those laboratories shall conduct any testing directed by the Employer.
Laboratories. The number of students shall be determined in accordance with the quality and quantity of the equipment and the size of the laboratories or workshops available, and the pedagogical goals of the course.
Laboratories. ‌ Laboratory QC testing shall be conducted by testing laboratories, retained by Developer under subcontract, that comply with the requirements for Department certification for applicable tests. Laboratories shall be accredited by the AASHTO Material Reference Laboratory (AMRL), the Concrete Cement Reference Laboratory (CCRL), the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) for precasters, or the Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), as appropriate, for the Work to be constructed. Department certification shall be obtained for all AASHTO and ASTM test methods to be performed by the testing laboratory. Certification shall also be obtained for AASHTO and ASTM test methods that are modified or referenced by Department test methods. Satellites (field laboratories) of these laboratories may be used where appropriate for the tests being conducted. The equipment in the satellite laboratories shall be certified at the start of Work and annually thereafter. Certification shall be performed by an independent AASHTO- accredited laboratory or AMRL inspector. The laboratory shall have written policies and procedures to ensure portable and satellite laboratories performing testing activities on the project are capable of providing testing services in compliance with applicable test methods. The policies and procedures shall address the inspection and calibration of testing equipment, as well as a correlation testing program between the accredited laboratory and portable or satellite facilities. IFA reserves the right to check testing equipment for compliance with specified standards and to check testing procedures and techniques. IFA also reserves the right to access the testing facilities of the testing laboratories – with no additional cost to IFA – to witness the testing and verify compliance of the testing procedures, testing techniques, and test results. IFA’s rights to check equipment, procedures, and techniques and to access testing facilities will also apply to Utility Companies when Developer is performing Work on their facilities.
Laboratories. 120. The Hospital and the Union agree to make every effort to maintain housestaff laboratories at the hospital in good shape and in good condition and properly equipped. Housestaff will make every effort to keep the labs clean.
Laboratories. Tenant shall comply with 29 CFR Part 910 promulgated under the OSHA pertaining to occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories.
Laboratories a. The Contractor shall ensure that all laboratories identified in this Contract have testing activities that are performed by a laboratory certified by the Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Certification Program (DOH ELCP) for the test methods and analyses measured.