Instructional Leadership Sample Clauses

Instructional Leadership. The education leader promotes the learning and growth of all students and the success of all staff by cultivating a shared vision that makes powerful teaching and learning the central focus of schooling.
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Instructional Leadership a. Department heads, in consultation with members of the department, will provide instructional leadership through:
Instructional Leadership. The School’s leadership effectively promotes the School’s mission and vision, maintains a focus on high academic achievement, fosters a culture of respect, professionalism, and shared decision-making, and has a system in place to coach and evaluate faculty and staff to improve student learning. 2.4
Instructional Leadership. For the duration of the contract, the district will provide a building fund for Instructional Leadership activities as follows: - Large high schools - $10,800 - Other buildings for student populations over 350 students - $3,000 - Other buildings for student populations under 350 students - $1,500 The building site-based committee will determine how such funds shall be distributed for Instructional Leadership activities, such as, but not limited to:
Instructional Leadership. 1. Ensures that a system of thorough and efficient education, as defined in state law and code is available to all students.
Instructional Leadership e. Opportunities to learn, student time on task.
Instructional Leadership. One (1) credit. Teachers who complete twenty (20) hours of professional development as defined in Appendix A earn the instructional leadership credit. The teacher has the sole responsibility for providing evidence of professional development hours to the evaluating administrator. All professional development hours that are to be considered for the instructional leadership credit must be completed by May 1st during the previous school year. After this date, any applicable professional development hours will be applied to instructional leadership credit for the next school year. Evidence of professional development hours must be uploaded to the EVSC evaluation tool for review and approval by the evaluating administrator. The Superintendent or designee shall determine placement of newly employed teachers on the placement schedule as shown in Appendix B after review of education, experience, and previous salary. The superintendent or designee shall have the authority to recommend employment of a teacher at an increased rate based upon the needs of the school district and the availability of qualified teachers for the position. If during the hiring process it becomes apparent that the monetary value of the best candidate is such that a higher initial salary warrants more than a five level advancement or placement above the current maximum base salary, the placement will be discussed with ETA. 2018-2019
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Instructional Leadership. The superintendent sets high standards for professional practice of 21st Century instruction and assessment that result in an accountable environment. The superintendent creates professional learning communities resulting in highly engaging instruction and improved student learning. The superintendent sets specific achievement targets for schools and students and then ensures the consistent use of research-based effective instructional strategies in all classrooms to reach the targets.
Instructional Leadership. Instructionally, the administrator is expected to keep up to date on best instructional practices for both students and in professional development practices for staff. The administrator of MOSAICS will need to understand both the philosophy of inquiry-based instruction and its implications for instructional practices as well as the implementation of Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking learning models. The administrator will need to be able to plan and prioritize professional development to fulfill the mission and vision of the school. The administrator also needs to lead the staff through continuous cycles of improvement, helping teachers identify trends in data and plan their instruction around their results. The administrator should have a strong understanding of Professional Learning Communities, and how to support and run these PLCs. The board expects the administrator to have a current administrative license in the state of Idaho as well as having completed training evaluating teachers on the Xxxxxxxxx Framework, leading teachers to reflect on their own practices and improve in ways aligned to Xxxxxxxxx’x proficient and distinguished practices. The administrator is also tasked with hiring quality staff members who follow and implement the instructional mission and vision of MOSAICS.
Instructional Leadership. A clear and concise description of the strategies and tactics that the supervisor has taken in order to improve learning and teaching. (x.x. XxX, teaching for understanding, differentiation of instruction, inquiry). Instructional leadership also includes staff development and curriculum development. Describe, if appropriate, the instructional practices of the supervisor.
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