IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT. The SUBRECIPIENT shall implement this Agreement in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and County laws, ordinances and codes and with the procedures outlined in HHSPolicies and Procedures memoranda. Should a project receive additional funding after the commencement of this Agreement, the SUBRECIPIENT shall notify HHS in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving notification from the funding source and submit a cost allocation plan for approval by HHS or its designee within forty-five (45) days of said official notification.
IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT. Upon receipt of PacifiCorp approval of the City’s Project Proposal as provided for and required by Section 3.2 of this Agreement, the City shall implement and administer the Project described in the approved Project Proposal. The City’s implementation of the Project shall be consistent with the written Project Proposal approved by PacifiCorp.


Operation of Project 11.1 From and after the date hereof to the Closing Date, Contributor shall: (a) continue to maintain, operate, lease and conduct business at the Project consistent in all material respects with past practices and in accordance with the terms of the current applicable prospectus; (b) not execute any Tenant Leases (or modify or amend any current Tenant Leases) except with respect to leases to residents of the Project entered into in the ordinary course of business, at market rates and not in conflict with a specific provision hereof; (c) maintain in effect all insurance policies now maintained on the same, or replacement or renewal policies providing substantially the same or greater coverage (to the extent available); (d) not grant any easements or encumber the Project in any way, except only if in the ordinary course of business and the same are approved by SCOLP; (e) not dispose of Personal Property unless obsolete and then only if replaced with new replacement property; (f) not otherwise sell, assign or convey any right, title or interest in any part of the Project. On the Closing Date the Owner shall provide (or cause its managing agent to provide) SCOLP with all of the electronic data pertaining to the tenancies of the then-current tenants under the Tenant Leases to permit SCOLP to transition the billing of the tenants and administer the Tenant Leases and the historical date for such Tenant Leases. In addition, from and after the Effective Date and through the Closing Date, Contributor shall, and shall cause the Owner to:
Construction of Project 11.1.1 Developer agrees to cause the Project to be developed, constructed, and installed in accordance with the terms hereof and the Construction Provisions set forth in Exhibit D, including those things reasonably inferred from the Contract Documents as being within the scope of the Project and necessary to produce the stated result even though no mention is made in the Contract Documents.
Implementation of Agreement If <<customer_name>> is a facilities based provider or a facilities based and resale provider, this section shall apply. Within 60 days of the execution of this Agreement, the Parties may adopt a schedule for the implementation of the Agreement. The schedule shall state with specificity time frames for submission of including but not limited to, network design, interconnection points, collocation arrangement requests, pre-sales testing and full operational time frames for the business and residential markets. An implementation template which may be used for the implementation schedule is contained in Attachment 10 of this Agreement.
Project Implementation a. The Concessionaire shall develop the Project in accordance with the Standards and Specifications as mentioned in Schedule 4 and as per the concept plan of the Project, approved by Concessioning Authority, within the Project Milestone specified under Article 2.8 or such extended date as may be approved by Concessioning Authority.
Completion of Project The Project shall have been completed per the Plans and Specifications and a Completion Certificate shall have been obtained;
Construction of Provisions Although certain provisions of this Agreement contain express language which precludes the Servicer's recovery of, or reimbursement for, expenses incurred hereunder, no inference to the contrary shall be drawn from absence of such, or similar, language in any other provision hereof regarding expenses.
Implementation of Changes If Tenant: (i) approves in writing the cost or savings and the estimated extension in the time for completion of Landlord’s Work, if any, and (ii) deposits with Landlord any Excess TI Costs required in connection with such Change, Landlord shall cause the approved Change to be instituted. Notwithstanding any approval or disapproval by Tenant of any estimate of the delay caused by such proposed Change, the TI Architect’s determination of the amount of Tenant Delay in connection with such Change shall be final and binding on Landlord and Tenant.
Implementation i) Where the job/time sharing arrangement arises out of the filling of a vacant full-time position, the full-time position will be posted first and in the event that there are no successful applicants, then both job/time sharing positions will be posted and selection will be based on the criteria set out in the Collective Agreement.
Implementation of the Agreement Regulations of this Agreement relating to investments who investors of one Contracting Party realized before or after the entry into force of this Agreement, with what shall apply from the moment of its entry into force, provided that such investments conducted in accordance with the laws of that Party Contracting.
Implementation of CAM (a) On the CAM Exchange Date, (i) the Commitments shall automatically and without further act be terminated as provided in Section 11, (ii) the Lenders shall automatically and without further act (and without regard to the provisions of Section 14.6) be deemed to have exchanged interests in the Credit Facilities such that in lieu of the interest of each Lender in each Credit Facility in which it shall participate as of such date (including such Lender’s interest in the Specified Obligations of each Credit Party in respect of each such Credit Facility), such Lender shall hold an interest in every one of the Credit Facilities (including the Specified Obligations of each Credit Party in respect of each such Credit Facility and each L/C Reserve Account established pursuant to Section 13.2 below), whether or not such Lender shall previously have participated therein, equal to such Lender’s CAM Percentage thereof and (iii) simultaneously with the deemed exchange of interests pursuant to clause (ii) above, in the case of (A) any Canadian Lender that has prior to the date thereof notified the Canadian Administrative Agent and the Borrower in writing that it has elected to have this clause (iii) apply to it, and (B) any other Lender that has notified the Administrative Agent in writing that it desires to have its deemed participation following the CAM Exchange Date converted to Dollars, the interests in the Canadian Obligations to be received by such Lender in such deemed exchange shall, automatically and with no further action required, be converted into the Dollar Equivalent, determined using the Exchange Rate calculated as of such date, of such amount and on and after such date all amounts accruing and owed to such Lender in respect of such Obligations shall accrue and be payable in Dollars at the rate otherwise applicable hereunder, provided that such CAM Exchange will not affect the aggregate amount of the Obligations of the Borrower and the Canadian Borrower to the Lenders under the Credit Documents. Each Lender and each Credit Party hereby consents and agrees to the CAM Exchange, and each Lender agrees that the CAM Exchange shall be binding upon its successors and assigns and any person that acquires a participation in its interests in any Credit Facility. Each Credit Party agrees from time to time to execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent all promissory notes and other instruments and documents as the Administrative Agent shall reasonably request to evidence and confirm the respective interests of the Lenders after giving effect to the CAM Exchange, and each Lender agrees to surrender any promissory notes originally received by it in connection with its Loans hereunder to the Administrative Agent against delivery of new promissory notes evidencing its interests in the Credit Facilities; provided, however, that the failure of any Credit Party to execute or deliver or of any Lender to accept any such promissory note, instrument or document shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the CAM Exchange.