Department Heads Sample Clauses

Department Heads. A. Department Heads shall not be required to act as the school disciplinarians.
Department Heads. 14.5.1 Appointments to the position of Department Head shall follow the procedures set out in Article 21: Administration of Academic Sub-units.
Department Heads. Department heads shall normally be tenured and hold the rank of Associate Professor or Professor in one of the departments to be served, unless mutually agreed to by the departmental faculty and administration.
Department Heads. (a) In the event of a layoff, employees shall be laid off in the employee’s current Department Head assignment in order of inverse seniority (as defined in Section Two).
Department Heads. In those curricular areas in which the District determines there shall be a department head, such department head shall be selected jointly by the principal and the department staff between April 15 and May 23 for the ensuing school year, and such department head shall be compensated in accordance with the extra-duty schedule applicable thereto. In the event that the principal and/or Appropriate Director and the department staff cannot reach agreement as to whom should be selected as department head, the issue as to whom will be appointed as the department head shall be referred to a committee of four (4) people. That committee shall be composed of the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services (TLS), the Superintendent of Schools or designee, the President of the Association and a building Association Representative of the affected building selected by the Association. When making its decision, the committee shall seek input from the principal and all staff members in the affected department. The decision of the committee shall be binding.
Department Heads. Department Heads shall receive an allowance as follows: Effective Major Head (4 or more teachers in the same or related subject areas) Minor Head (2 - 3 teachers in the same or related subject areas) September 1, 1997 1,889 1,079 July 1, 2008 2,100 1.290
Department Heads. The Union recognizes the right of the District to select and assign members of the collective bargaining unit as a Department Head. An employee selected shall remain a member of the department for which the employee is to represent as the Department Head. The selection of the employee shall be made by the District and no provision of this Agreement, whether job posting, seniority or otherwise, shall apply to, or limit the exercise of, this right by the District. The Department Head shall continue to perform his or her assigned duties as a member of the Department, and as Department Head, may have additional duties and shall receive extra compensation for the performance of the additional duties as Department Head. The rate or amount of the compensation shall be determined and established by the District and is not to be construed or subject to any approval by the Union or duty by the District to negotiate or bargain with the Union with respect to the compensation.
Department Heads. The building principal(s) may elect to designate a department head(s). Department heads of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Education and Fine Arts shall receive an annual stipend of four thousand, three hundred fifty dollars ($4,350). Department heads of Practical Arts, Counseling, Physical Education and World Languages shall receive an annual stipend of three thousand, two hundred sixty-three dollars ($3,263).
Department Heads. 32.1 Any high school that has at least five (5) full-time equivalent classroom teachers (twenty-five [25] teaching periods per day) in a subject area shall have a Department Head who shall have one (1) teaching period per day for performing assigned Department Head duties.
Department Heads a. Department Heads shall be designated by the secondary school principal, in consultation with the school teaching staff.