Initial Transition Sample Clauses

Initial Transition. ARTICLE 2....................................................................... 2.1. Definitions....................................................... ARTICLE 3....................................................................... 3.1. Rent.............................................................. 3.2.
Initial Transition. (a) Upon the Commencement Date and pursuant to a separate Assignment and Assumption Agreement, Lessor or the prior owner of the Leased Property shall transfer and assign to Lessee, and Lessee shall assume, all occupancy agreements and operating agreements to which the Leased Property remains subject on the Commencement Date.
Initial Transition. As of the Commencement Date: (i) Manager shall in consultation with City and until each of the following agreements are terminated by City (notice of such terminations to be given to the respective party by City (1) within ten (10) Business Days of Manager’s written request to the City that it terminate one or both of such agreements; or (2) if no such request has been made by Manager, in a timely manner so that such termination will be effective on June 30, 2019), represent the interests of City with respect to the certain Property Management Agreement between City and LPC Transit Management LLC (“LPC”) dated December 17, 2013, as amended (the “LPC Agreement”) and represent the interests of City with respect to the certain Major Maintenance Agreement between City and ABM Onsite Services-West, Inc. (“ABM”) dated July 26, 2017 and August 29, 2017 (“MMA”) and (ii) Manager shall in consultation with City and unless and until such agreements are terminated according to their respective terms, represent the interest of City with respect to the leases and other contracts listed on Schedule 3 (the “Delegated Agreements”). Subject to the foregoing, Manager has the authority to maintain, modify, and/or terminate (in accordance with the express terms of each) the Delegated Agreements. City has provided to Manager, prior to the date hereof, copies of all Delegated Agreements and all Property Agreements, together with a rent roll (setting forth the names of all tenants, the amount of security deposits, if any, current rents, all delinquencies, the date rent was last paid and balances due, if any) and Manager shall be responsible to obtain from LPC all books, records, status of any litigation (including unlawful detainers), and operating data with respect to the Property to which City is entitled under the LPC Agreement or otherwise possesses, including, without limitation, as built plans and specifications (if available), maintenance work records, service provider agreements and contact information. customer records, financial and accounting records, correspondence, budgets and other similar documents, property and casualty insurance contracts and current broker contacts. City shall cooperate with LPC to provide to Manager any keys, access codes, combinations, and the like to the ARTIC Site in City’s possession and control, if any.
Initial Transition. Customer will provide Sprint with a timetable to transition services from Customer’s existing provider to the Services to be provided by Sprint. Provided such timetable is consistent with the installation Service Levels, Sprint will transition such services to the Services in accordance with such timetable and will pay such remedies as set forth in the applicable Service Level Agreements if it fails to meet it.
Initial Transition. (a) Lessee has assumed or shall assume all occupancy agreements and operating agreements to which the Leased Property remains subject on the Commencement Date.
Initial Transition. Simultaneously with the execution of this Lease, (i) an Affiliate of Lessee has agreed to deliver to Lessee, in immediately available funds, a sum equal to the amount of all deposits, prepaid revenue and similar accounts existing at or with respect to the Leased Property as of the Commencement Date, and in consideration of entering into this Lease, Lessee shall be entitled to retain all such cash and other accounts for its own use and (ii) Lessee shall acquire for fair market value from Lessor or the contributor of the Leased Property to Lessor all of the Inventory existing at the Leased Property.
Initial Transition. In order to effect a smooth transition from construction to operations, Manager shall work in cooperation with City’s representatives, City’s Contractor and Construction Manager, as well as the MM Provider to implement the Transition Plan set forth in Schedule 1. During the term of effectiveness of the Transition Plan (“Transition Period”), Manager shall perform the duties, responsibilities and obligations set forth in the Transition Plan, and as otherwise directed by City. Upon final completion of construction of the ARTIC Facility, as evidenced by issuance of the final certificate of occupancy for the ARTIC Facility, or as otherwise set forth in the Transition Plan, Manager shall perform all Services described in this Agreement, in accordance with all terms and provisions hereof. The Transition Plan shall also set forth the compensation to be paid by City to Manager during the Transition Period. During the Transition Period, Manager shall prepare and submit to City for review, comment and approval each of the “Manager Reports” described in Schedule 12 attached hereto. Upon completion of each Manager Report and subject to City approval thereof, all such Manager Report(s) shall be incorporated herein and shall be deemed to set forth substantive Manager requirements and obligations under this Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the Transition Plan or any Manager Report(s), on one hand, and this Agreement, on the other hand, the Transition Plan and/or such Manager Report(s) shall control if and to the extent such deviations from the Agreement are specifically noted in such plans and/or reports. To the extent not noted as a specific deviation in the Transition Plan and/or Manager Report(s), language in the Transition Plan and/or Manager Report(s) that conflicts with this Agreement shall not apply. Notwithstanding that this Agreement, the Transition Plan and Manager Report(s) may have different requirements, Manager shall be obligated to comply with this Agreement, the Transition Plan and all Manager Report(s) to the extent compliance with all such documents is possible.
Initial Transition. 3 ARTICLE II DEFINITIONS..............................................................................................3 2.1 Definitions............................................................................3 ARTICLE III

Related to Initial Transition

  • Transition Seller will not take any action that is designed or intended to have the effect of discouraging any lessor, licensor, customer, supplier, or other business associate of the Company from maintaining the same business relationships with the Company after the Closing as it maintained with the Company prior to the Closing. The Seller will refer all customer inquiries relating to the business of the Company to the Purchaser from and after the Closing.

  • Contract Transition Upon Contract expiration or termination, the Contractor shall ensure a seamless transfer of Contract responsibilities with any subsequent Contractor necessary to transition the Products and services of the Contract. The incumbent Contractor assumes all expenses related to the contract transition.

  • Transitional Period At the end of the transitional period as defined in Article 10(2) of the Directive, Jersey shall cease to apply the retention tax and revenue sharing provided for in this Agreement and shall apply in respect of the other contracting party the automatic exchange of information provisions in the same manner as is provided for in Chapter II of the Directive. If during the transitional period Jersey elects to apply the automatic exchange o information provisions in the same manner as is provided for in Chapter II of the Directive, it shall no longe apply the withholding/retention tax and the revenue sharing provided for in Article 9 of this Agreement.

  • Material Transfer In order to facilitate the Research Program, either Party may provide to the other Party certain biological materials or chemical compounds (collectively, the “Substances”) owned by or licensed to the supplying Party (other than under this Agreement) for use by the other Party in furtherance of the Research Program. Except as otherwise provided under this Agreement, all Substances delivered to the other Party shall remain the sole property of the supplying Party, shall be used only in furtherance of the Research Program or the receiving Party’s rights under this Agreement, shall remain under the sole control of the other Party. Substances shall not be used by or delivered to any Third Party except under a written Material Transfer Agreement containing terms and conditions substantially similar to those contained in the form attached as Exhibit E. Any rights to inventions acquired by either Party pursuant to any such Material Transfer Agreement shall be deemed Joint Collaboration Technology. The Substances supplied under this Section 5.6 shall not be used in research or testing involving human subjects, and must be used otherwise with prudence and appropriate caution in any experimental work, since not all of their characteristics may be known. THE SUBSTANCES ARE PROVIDED HEREUNDER “AS IS” AND WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT Portions of this Exhibit were omitted and have been filed separately with the Secretary of the Commission pursuant to the Company’s application requesting confidential Investment under Rule 24b-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY WARRANTY THAT THE USE OF THE SUBSTANCES WILL NOT INFRINGE OR VIOLATE ANY PATENT OR OTHER PROPRIETARY RIGHTS OF ANY THIRD PARTY.

  • Transition Period Upon termination of this Agreement, and for 90 consecutive calendar days thereafter (the “TRANSITION PERIOD”), Executive agrees to make himself available to assist the Company with transition projects assigned to him by the Board. Executive will be paid at a reasonable, agreed upon hourly rate for any work performed for the Company during the Transition Period.

  • Emergency Transition Registry Operator agrees that, in the event that any of the emergency thresholds for registry functions set forth in Section 6 of Specification 10 is reached, ICANN may designate an emergency interim registry operator of the registry for the TLD (an “Emergency Operator”) in accordance with ICANN’s registry transition process (available at <xxxx://­‐processes>) (as the same may be amended from time to time, the “Registry Transition Process”) until such time as Registry Operator has demonstrated to ICANN’s reasonable satisfaction that it can resume operation of the registry for the TLD without the reoccurrence of such failure. Following such demonstration, Registry Operator may transition back into operation of the registry for the TLD pursuant to the procedures set out in the Registry Transition Process, provided that Registry Operator pays all reasonable costs incurred (i) by ICANN as a result of the designation of the Emergency Operator and (ii) by the Emergency Operator in connection with the operation of the registry for the TLD, which costs shall be documented in reasonable detail in records that shall be made available to Registry Operator. In the event ICANN designates an Emergency Operator pursuant to this Section 2.13 and the Registry Transition Process, Registry Operator shall provide ICANN or any such Emergency Operator with all data (including the data escrowed in accordance with Section 2.3) regarding operations of the registry for the TLD necessary to maintain operations and registry functions that may be reasonably requested by ICANN or such Emergency Operator. Registry Operator agrees that ICANN may make any changes it deems necessary to the IANA database for DNS and WHOIS records with respect to the TLD in the event that an Emergency Operator is designated pursuant to this Section 2.13. In addition, in the event of such failure, ICANN shall retain and may enforce its rights under the Continued Operations Instrument.

  • Transitional Services Seller shall provide to Buyer, with respect to each Specified Business, upon written request from Buyer received by Seller no later than 30 days prior to the Closing Date, such services as may be reasonably requested by Buyer in connection with the operation of such Specified Business for a commercially reasonable transition period following the Closing to allow for conversion of existing or replacement services, in each case to the extent and only to the extent Seller or its Affiliates retains the Assets and employees necessary to allow the provision of such services (“Transitional Services”). In addition, between the date hereof and the Closing, Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with Buyer to assist Buyer in developing and implementing a plan of transition. Buyer shall promptly reimburse Seller for the reasonable out-of-pocket costs and any incremental costs and expenses necessary to provide Transitional Services. All other terms and conditions for the provision of Transitional Services shall be reasonably satisfactory to both Buyer and Seller and subject to applicable Law.

  • Transition Plan In the event of termination by the LHIN pursuant to this section, the LHIN and the HSP will develop a Transition Plan. The HSP agrees that it will take all actions, and provide all information, required by the LHIN to facilitate the transition of the HSP’s clients.

  • Transition Services Agreement Buyer shall have executed and delivered to Seller the Transition Services Agreement.

  • Transitional Services Agreement The form of Transitional Services Agreement set forth in Exhibit B to the Original Agreement is hereby deleted.