RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. This Authorization does not waive the parties’ responsibilities and obligations provided under the Agreement.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. 10.1.1 The contract letting party's obligations
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. This Authorization does not waive the parties’ responsibilities and obligations provided under the Agreement No. C-21-0616-12-28.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. 2.1. Upon execution of this Agreement, QI shall provide ATI with the current version of QI Software DVD in Object Code form. QI shall work with ATI in accordance with the Deliverables and Development Schedule to provide future enhanced versions of the QI Software DVD.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. 7.1 In providing the Card Acquiring Services, the Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to: • To pay to the Merchant a sum equal to the amount of each valid Transaction (less the Handling Charges specified in Part II of the Schedule hereto) • Coordinate and communicate with the System Provider to procure the normal operation of the System. • Provide the means for information exchange between the Company and/or the System Provider in relation to the Transactions effected through the System and record all such information transmitted. • Advise the Merchants and/or CUP on issues regarding the Transactions, funds settlement and complaints arising among Merchants, CUP and/or other banks participating in the System.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. 5.1 voipGATE Once an application has been accepted, and the necessary facilities as defined further under the heading 'The 'Client' in this Article below, are installed and operational,. voipGATE will take the necessary steps to activate the communications service as requested by the 'Client'. As soon as this process has been completed, voipGATE will note that the service is operational, and will formally record the Start of Service for the IP Phone numbers concerned. voipGATE will make its best efforts to activate these services without delay, and to maintain the services once they have been initiated.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. 1.2.1 In the Agreement, any reference to the Sellers’ responsibilities and obligations shall be considered that each Seller shall be obliged to ensure that all Sellers shall assume the relevant responsibilities or perform relevant obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. Subject to the terms and conditions herein, the Employee shall continue to serve in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer reporting to the CEO (or, as provided in Section 1 above, as an Operating Sector Leader reporting (at the discretion of the CEO) to the President or to the Chief Operating Officer) and shall have such duties and responsibilities as the CEO shall from time to time assign to him. The Employee shall devote his full time, attention and energies to the business and interests of SRA. The Employee shall not become involved with any other business entity, whether as an employee, consultant, director or in any other capacity, without the prior written consent of the CEO of SRA. This restriction on outside employment is not intended to limit Employee’s service (without SRA liability or indemnity) on the Boards of Directors of schools, community associations, or other similar nonprofit roles, provided that there is no conflict between such outside activities and the substance of his work on behalf of SRA or his commitment to full-time work on behalf of SRA and provided that Employee notifies the CEO of SRA of his intent to undertake such outside activities.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. 1. The teleworker is required to comply with all Department of Juvenile Justice policies and guidelines, as well as the policies and procedures of their assigned telework office site, as if they were at the official work site.