Definition of Telecommunications Facilities

Telecommunications Facilities means any and all telecommunications cables, lines, conduits, access manholes, pedestals, boxes, and other similar equipment and devices owned or used by Grantee.
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Examples of Telecommunications Facilities in a sentence

The "major telecommunications line facilities and equipment prescribed under the Enforcement Decree of the Act" in provisos other than each subparagraph of Article 18(1) of the Act means facilities and equipment for exchange, transmission and wire pursuant to Article 3(1)8-10 of the Regulations on Telecommunications Facilities and Equipment of which the sum of the sales prices is not less than 5 billion won.
City shall be entitled to seventy-five percent (75%) of recurring gross payments that are received by Consultant as a result of the addition of one or more Wireless Telecommunications Facilities to the site of a City-owned Wireless Telecommunications Facility that was constructed prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement.
City shall be entitled to sixty-five percent (65%) of recurring gross payments that are received by Consultant from sub-licensees on new Wireless Telecommunications Facilities that are on City Assets licensed to Consultant pursuant to this Agreement.
Licensee shall have the exclusive right to construct, install and operate Wireless Telecommunications Facilities that emit radio frequencies on Licensor's Property.
SECTION 4 Integrated Operation of Telecommunications Facilities and Equipment, etc.