Account Number definition

Account Number means the identification number given by the U.S. EPA to each NOx allowance tracking system account.
Account Number. At: _______________________ Reference: _______________________ Admin. Contact: _______________________ Telephone: _______________________ Telecopier: _______________________ ACKNOWLEDGED AND APPROVED: We hereby consent to and approve the foregoing supplement to the Loan Agreement, and acknowledge and agree that as of the Effective Date the Maximum Commitment Amount is increased to $______________, and ____________________ has become a Bank under the Agreements as if originally named therein, with a Commitment of _______________________. We further agree that the foregoing supplement to the Credit Agreement, and the amendments effected thereby, shall not alter, diminish or otherwise affect any obligations under the Agreements or any other Loan Document except as expressly set forth above. This acknowledgment and approval may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which shall constitute an original and all of which, taken together, shall constitute a single agreement. Date: __________________, 20___ "Company" BEDFORD PROPERTY INVESTORS, INC., a Maryland corporation By __________________________________ __________________________________ [Printed Name and Title] "Administrative Agent" BANK OF AMERICA, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as Administrative Agent By __________________________________ __________________________________ [Printed Name and Title] Schedule 5.5 Litigation [None, outside of ordinary litigation related to the collection of delinquent rent.] Schedule 5.11 Material Indebtedness Not Disclosed on 12/31/00 Financial Statements [None] Schedule 5.12 Environmental Disclosures [None] Schedule 5.16
Account Number means the 8 digit number that identifies the Account.

Examples of Account Number in a sentence

  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated the submission of Permanent Account Number (PAN) by every participant in securities market.

  • Alternatively, the user can directly access e-Voting page by providing demat Account Number and PAN No. from a link in home page.

  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated the submission of Permanent Account Number (PAN) by every participant in the securities market.

  • The complete name and address of the Indian Agent and its Permanent Account Number as allotted by the Indian Income Tax authority.

  • It is Contractor’s responsibility to contact the Vermont Department of Taxes to determine if, by law, Contractor is required to have a Vermont Department of Taxes Business Account Number.

More Definitions of Account Number

Account Number means the unique number used to identify your Card Account. Please note that your Account Number is different than your 16-digit Card Number.
Account Number means the numbers used to identify a payment account;
Account Number means a serial number assigned by GTJAS to be used as the Client’s personal identification when opening the Account.
Account Number means the 16-digit number on the face of your Card.
Account Number means the identification number given by the Department or its agent to each CO2 Allowance Tracking System account.
Account Number. The unique identification number we assign to you with respect to your Account, which number may be different than your Card Number. Your Account Number will appear on each Monthly Statement. Application: The application form provided to you by us or our authorized representatives pursuant to which you requested that we establish an Account for you and any Authorized Users. ATM: Automated teller machine.
Account Number means the combination of Your six digit Sort Code and eight digit account number which are used to identify Your Account. The combined fourteen digits appear on Your bank statements and are referred to as Your Account Number;