Information Request Sample Clauses

Information Request. (a) The Owner Trustee shall provide any information regarding the Issuer in its possession reasonably requested in writing by the Servicer, the Administrator, the Seller or any of their Affiliates, in order to comply with or obtain more favorable treatment under any current or future law, rule, regulation, accounting rule or principle.
Information Request. Requests must set forth a specific period, not to exceed ninety (90) days from the date of the request, for which transaction information is sought. The Fund may request transaction information older than ninety (90) days from the date of the request as it deems necessary to investigate compliance with policies established by the Fund for the purpose of eliminating or reducing any dilution of the value of the outstanding shares issued by the Fund.
Information Request. If the Train Operator considers that:
Information Request. RESPONSE Person Completing Reference: Name, Title, Work Address and Phone Number Name of project for which Vendor performed IV&V services: Length of engagement in months: Brief Description of Project: IV&V Methodology or approach used for the project: Responsibilities Performed by the IV&V Vendor and Deliverables Produced: Would you contract with this Vendor to perform this work again? Yes / No Overall rating of Respondent’s performance on the above-mentioned project (Check one):  Excellent   Average   Below Average   Poor  PERSON COMPLETING REFERENCE SIGNATURE DATE ATTACHMENT F-1 PRICE SHEET Respondent Name: IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIABLE FOR AWARD RESPONDENTS MUST PROVIDE PRICES FOR ALL HOURLY POSITIONS LISTED BELOW. IN OTHER WORDS, THE RESPONDENT IS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A PRICE IN EVERY BLANK ON THIS PRICING SHEET.
Information Request. Cinemark shall provide LLC such additional and supplemental information as LLC shall reasonably request within 10 days of receiving such request and Cinemark shall cooperate fully with LLC in its evaluation of the Alternative Agreement.
Information Request. Requests must set forth a specific period, not to exceed ninety (90) days prior to the date of the request, for which transaction information is sought. The Fund will bear the cost associated with a request for information older than ninety (90) days.
Information Request. If the Freight Customer considers that:
Information Request. Filing officer please furnish certificate showing whether there is on file as of , 19 , at M, any presently effective financing statement, or any statement of assignment thereof, naming the above debtor, give the date and hour of filing of each such statement, and the names and addresses of each party named therein. Enclosed is the statutory fee of $15.00. The undersigned party further agrees to pay to the Filing Officer, upon receipt of the above certificate, statement and each statement of assignment reported on the certificate. (Signature of Requesting Party) FILE NO. DATE AND HOUR OF FILING NAME AND ADDRESS OF SECURED PARTY Uniform Commercial Code — Form UCC 11 (Revised for use in the State of Tenn.) Xxxxx X Xxxxxxx Secretary of State Uniform Commercial Code 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx 0xx Xx. Wm.X. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 00000- (000) 000-0000 State of Tennessee Department of State Date: 08/13/04 Search Certificate Filing Number: 101012275 Filling Date & Time: 01/09/01 10:16:00 Lapse Date: 01/09/06 Debtor: QUIK DRIVE USA INC 000 XXXXXXX XXXXX GALLATIN, TN, 37066 Debtor: QUIK DRIVE CANADA INC 000 XXXXXXX XXXXX GALLATIN, TN, 37066 Secured Party: BANK OF AMERICA N A XXX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX, XX, 00000 Listing of Related UCC Documents for 101012275 Filing Date & Time Filing Number Filing Type [ILLEGIBLE] THIS SPACE FOR USE OF FILING OFFICER
Information Request. Within thirty (30) days of ratification of a new Memorandum of Understanding, the District will distribute a memorandum to all bargaining unit employees asking for written authorization to release their current addresses and telephone numbers to the Union. Upon the Union’s written request, the District will provide this information to the Union for any employee who has given his or her authorization to do so. The District only shall be required to release this information the Union twice per calendar year. The Union shall have the right and opportunity to hold an orientation session with all newly hired employees. This orientation session shall be for the purpose of explaining the new employee’s contractual rights and introducing him/her to the Union. The orientation will be held within fifteen days of the employee’s hire date and shall be during working hours at a time agreed to by the employee’s immediate supervisor, not to exceed thirty (30) minutes in duration.
Information Request. (c) If the requested Structure Records contain confidential or proprietary information which must be expunged, the time when CLEC will be provided with access will be determined on a case by case basis, based upon size and complexity of the request, and will be identified in the above notice, but such access shall be provided within ten (10) business days after ASAC notifies CLEC, in accordance with paragraph 7.3.3(a) above, unless otherwise mutually agreed to by Ameritech and CLEC.