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Currency of. ACCOUNT The dollar is the currency of account and payment for each and every sum at any time due from any of the Obligors hereunder Provided that:
Currency of account The Obligors shall pay: a) any amount payable under the Finance Documents (other than the Hedging Agreements), except as otherwise provided for herein, in USD; and b) all payments of costs and Taxes in the currency in which the same were incurred. 29.10
Currency of. Payment The currency of payment shall be as specified in the SC.

Examples of Currency of in a sentence

  • He will be required to be fielded throughout the Currency of the project.

  • Each Lender shall maintain in accordance with its usual practice records evidencing the indebtedness of the Borrower to such Lender resulting from each Loan made by such Lender, including the amounts and Currency of principal and interest payable and paid to such Lender from time to time hereunder.

  • Currency of Payment41.1 Any payment under this Contract shall be made in the currency (ies) specified in the SCC.42.

  • At any time, any reference in the definition of the term “Agreed Foreign Currency” or in any other provision of this Agreement to the Currency of any particular nation means the lawful currency of such nation at such time whether or not the name of such Currency is the same as it was on the date hereof.

  • Payment of the subscription monies must be received by the Depositary in the relevant Reference Currency of a Class, within two Business Days after the relevant Valuation Day.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 7.01, any payment made under such circumstances in the Currency of the United States where the required payment is in a Currency other than the Currency of the United States will not constitute an Event of Default under this Indenture.

  • Reference currency The Reference Currency of the Sub-Fund is the Euro.

  • Variation of Quantities at the Time of Award/ Currency of Contract:-At the time of awarding the contract, the Tender Inviting Authority reserves the right to increase or decrease by up to twenty five (25) per cent, the quantity of goods and services mentioned under cl.

  • Any value expressed otherwise than in the Base Currency of the relevant Fund shall be converted into the Base Currency of the relevant Fund at the prevailing exchange rate which the Directors or their delegate shall determine to be appropriate.

  • The Administrative Agent shall maintain records in which it shall record (i) the amount and Currency of each Loan made hereunder, the Class and Type thereof and each Interest Period therefor, (ii) the amount and Currency of any principal or interest due and payable or to become due and payable from the Borrower to each Lender of such Class hereunder and (iii) the amount and Currency of any sum received by the Administrative Agent hereunder for account of the Lenders and each Lender’s share thereof.

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Currency of funds: Unless otherwise indicated all dollar amounts referred ----------------- to in this Agreement are in United States funds.

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  • Currency of Account means, in relation to any payment to be made to a Finance Party under a Finance Document, the currency in which that payment is required to be made by the terms of that Finance Document.

  • Currency means any currency or currencies, composite currency or currency unit or currency units, including, without limitation, the Euro, issued by the government of one or more countries or by any recognized confederation or association of such governments.

  • Currency Obligation means any obligation of a Party to deliver a Currency pursuant to an FX Transaction, the application of Section 6.3(a) or (b), or an exercised Option (except, for the purposes of Section 8.1 only, one that is to be settled at its In-the-Money Amount under Section 5.5).

  • Currency of the Client Account means the currency that the Client Account is denominated in.

  • Currency Pair means the object or Underlying Asset of a CFD Transaction based on the change in the value of one currency against the other. A Currency Pair consists of two currencies (the Quote Currency and the Base Currency) and shows how much of the Quote currency is needed to purchase one unit of the Base Currency.

  • Index Currency means USD.

  • Reference Currency means the currency specified as such in the applicable Final Terms.

  • Currency Swap Agreement means any currency swap agreement, including all schedules and confirmations thereto, entered into by the Issuer and the Currency Swap Counterparty, as the same may be amended, supplemented, renewed, extended or replaced from time to time.

  • RMB Currency Events means any one of RMB Illiquidity, RMB Non-Transferability and RMB Inconvertibility;

  • National Currency means the currency, other than the Euro, of a Participating Member State.

  • Base Currency means the first currency in the Currency Pair against which the Client buys or sells the Quote Currency.

  • Fiat Currency means currency issued by the relevant body in a country or by a government that is designated as legal tender in its country of issuance through amongst other things, government decree, regulation, or law;

  • First Currency has the meaning specified in Section 1.15.

  • Cryptocurrency means a digital or electronic medium of exchange, operating independently of a central bank, in which encryption techniques are used to regulate generation of units and to verify transfer of units from one person to another.

  • LIBOR Currency means the currency specified on the face hereof as to which LIBOR shall be calculated or, if no currency is specified on the face hereof, United States dollars. “LIBOR Page”

  • Currency Business Day means a day on which commercial banks and foreign exchange markets are open for general business (including dealings in foreign exchange and foreign currency deposits) in the principal financial centre of the Relevant Currency or, in the case of euros, a city in which banks in general have access to the TARGET2 System.

  • Foreign Currency Hedge means any foreign exchange transaction, including spot and forward foreign currency purchases and sales, listed or over-the-counter options on foreign currencies, non-deliverable forwards and options, foreign currency swap agreements, currency exchange rate price hedging arrangements, and any other similar transaction providing for the purchase of one currency in exchange for the sale of another currency.

  • Balance Currency means the currency under which the trading account has the reference on and with which the Client buys or sells the subject matter instruments. It is noted that the all charges including Spreads, Commissions, Charges and Swaps are calculated in the Balance Currency.

  • Party A Currency Amount In respect of each Party A Calculation Period, an amount in Dollars equal to the principal amount outstanding of the Relevant Notes on the first day of such Calculation Period (after taking into account any redemption on such day).

  • Currency Agreement means in respect of a Person any foreign exchange contract, currency swap agreement, futures contract, option contract or other similar agreement as to which such Person is a party or a beneficiary.

  • Relevant Currency means the currency in which the Notes are denominated;

  • Currency exchange means receipt of compensation from the exchange of money of one government for money of another government.

  • Alternate Currency means (i) with respect to any Letter of Credit, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, New Zealand Dollars and Australian Dollars and any other currency other than Dollars as may be acceptable to the Administrative Agent and the Issuing Bank with respect thereto in their sole discretion and (ii) with respect to any Loan, any currency other than Dollars that is approved in accordance with Section 1.05.

  • Virtual currency means a digital representation of value used as a medium of exchange, unit of account, or store of value, which does not have legal tender status recognized by the United States. The term does not include:

  • Base Currency Amount means, in relation to a Loan, the amount specified in the Utilisation Request delivered by a Borrower for that Loan (or, if the amount requested is not denominated in the Base Currency, that amount converted into the Base Currency at the Agent’s Spot Rate of Exchange on the date which is three Business Days before the Utilisation Date or, if later, on the date the Agent receives the Utilisation Request) adjusted to reflect any repayment or prepayment of the Loan.

  • Approved Currency means each of Dollars and each Alternative Currency.