The Departments Sample Clauses

The Departments. 1. Each member of the Presidential Council shall head a department.
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The Departments. 3A45 All full-time and part-time members of the faculty shall be members of specific Departments. The designation of Departments and their members shall be consistent with Articles 1A08-11 of this document and with all other provisions of the contract. 3A46 When a full-time faculty member holds an appointment in more than one Department, he/she shall determine the Department of which he/she is a voting member for any particular academic year, although he/she may attend meetings of the other Department(s). 3A47 Part-time faculty members of Departments may attend Department meetings, but may not vote. 3A48 Department(s) may be merged or moved to other Schools or Divisions with the approval of the full-time faculty members in the Department, with the approval of the majority of each School or Division concerned and subject to the approval of the FAS. 3A49 The creation of new Department(s) is subject to the approval of the majority of each School or Division in which the Department will be housed, and subject to the approval of the FAS and the President. Department Chairs Functions 3A50 The Department Chair shall be responsible for: 3A51 Serving on the School/Division/Library Faculty Development and Curriculum Committee 3A52 Developing and coordinating the curriculum within the Department, and representing the Department to the Administration, working cooperatively with Enrollment Services to enhance enrollment, and working with Academic Chairs and the Xxxx in scheduling. 3A53 Recommending a coordinated and academically sound schedule of course offerings in consultation with appropriate faculty within his/her Department and submitting this schedule to the Academic Chair for submission to the Xxxx. In the case of interdisciplinary courses, the coordinators of all concerned Departments shall jointly recommend scheduling. Such scheduling must be in a timely fashion in keeping with the published Administrative Calendar. The Xxxx will respond in a timely fashion regarding any recommended changes in the recommendations of the Department with regard to scheduling and staffing so that any differences may be discussed and resolved before the Schedule of Courses is published. Should the publication of the schedule require a resolution, and the Xxxx and the Department Chair have failed to achieve agreement, then the CAO will decide the issue. 3A54 Recruiting and screening part-time faculty in consultation with the appropriate faculty within the Department, and recommendi...
The Departments. 1. The Presidential Council shall attribute the departments among its members. It may decide that some members shall be without portfolio.

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  • Departments Each teaching member shall belong to one home department. Departments of a university shall be established by the University administration with the advice of the Senate according to criteria of commonality of interest and academic purpose, without any numerical limits on size. Divisions or other major groupings of departments with some common interest may also be formed.

  • Department The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities or any successor state agency.

  • Department of State Registration Consistent with Title XXXVI, F.S., the Contractor and any subcontractors that assert status, other than a sole proprietor, must provide the Department with conclusive evidence of a certificate of status, not subject to qualification, if a Florida business entity, or of a certificate of authorization if a foreign business entity.

  • Environmental Protection Except as set forth in Schedule 5.13 annexed hereto:

  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary nor, to the Company's knowledge, any director, officer, agent, employee or affiliate of the Company or any Subsidiary is currently subject to any U.S. sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department (“OFAC”).

  • Department of Transportation Bridge Maintenance employees, when actually climbing the cable stays of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge for inspection and/or repair, shall be compensated at the rate of ten dollars ($10.00) an hour in addition to their regular hourly rate of pay. Employees shall be compensated for a minimum of one (1) hour of such work regardless of the length of the climbing assignment.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development This includes a HUD produced video titled “The Basics of the Fair Housing Act” which can be accessed via YouTube at xxxxx:// Relief for Complainant

  • Fire Department Service Charge We will pay up to $500 for your liability assumed by contract or agreement for fire department charges incurred when the fire department is called to save or protect covered property from a Peril Insured Against. We do not cover fire department service charges if the property is located within the limits of the city, municipality or protection district furnishing the fire department response. This coverage is additional insurance. No deductible applies to this coverage.

  • CONTRACTOR California Department of General Services Use Only CONTRACTOR’S NAME (if other than an individual, state whether a corporation, partnership, etc.) BY (Authorized Signature) ✍ DATE SIGNED (Do not type) PRINTED NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON SIGNING ADDRESS STATE OF CALIFORNIA AGENCY NAME BY (Authorized Signature) ✍ DATE SIGNED (Do not type) PRINTED NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON SIGNING Exempt per: ADDRESS Exhibit A Project Summary & Scope of Work

  • Department Chairs The release time required to perform the administrative functions of the Department Chair positions shall be deducted from the total workload of the Department Chair with no less than fifty percent (50%) of this release taken from direct instructional duties.

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