University campus definition

University campus means all land, buildings, facilities and other property owned, used or controlled by the university.
University campus means the campus of Southern Oregon University, located in Ashland, Oregon.
University campus or “campus” means all grounds and buildings of the University of Central Florida those lands located in Orange County, Florida, or located in the City of Orlando, Florida, occupied or controlled by the University or under the guidance, supervision, regulation, or control of the University of Central Florida., along with any other educational or residential facilities controlled by the University within the seven-county service area of the University. “University campus” or “campus” does not include those facilities occupied by the University in leased or shared-use facilities; instead, events at those facilities must comply with policies and procedures proscribed by the owner of the facility. (E.g., Seminole State College establishes guidelines for events at Seminole State College, including in those areas used by the University of Central Florida.) “University campus” or “campus” also does not include Research Park or affiliated housing.

Examples of University campus in a sentence

  • This applies to all personal vehicles and all marked and unmarked company vehicles that will be on any University campus for one (1) day or more or on a recurring basis.

  • All motorized vehicles on the University campus are expected to travel and park on roadways and/or in parking stalls.

  • Employees whose background checks reveal felony convictions of any type are to be either removed from all support activities on the University campus or reported to the University for review and approval in advance of the performance of any on-campus duties.

  • Contractor will be responsible for promoting products and/or services to the University campus.

  • Unregistered vehicles on the University campus are subject to a parking violation ticket and/or towing off campus.

More Definitions of University campus

University campus means the area comprised within such limits of the Headquarters of the University as may, from time to time, be notified by the Government in the 6Telangana Gazette;
University campus means all University of Vermont properties
University campus. , in relation to a University, means the area of the University at its headquarters, which was immediately before the commencement of this Act, defined as the University campus of the existing University, or as may, from time to time, be defined as the University campus by the State Government by notification in the Official Gazette.
University campus or ‘Campus’ means all Premises occupied or controlled by the University or for which the University is responsible, including Residences.
University campus means the Florida Polytechnic University campus, the geographical location of which is generally at the southwest corner of the interchange for Interstate 4 and the Polk Parkway, as identified within the Context Area Map attached hereto as Exhibit “A”. Both parcels owned by Florida Polytechnic University shall be referred to as the “University Property” and shall be subject to and benefit from the provisions of this Campus Development Agreement. Specifically, the separate parcels of the University Property may be individually identified as follows:
University campus means any land or property owned, used or managed by Birmingham City University.
University campus means the area comprised within the local limits of the headquarter of the University or such other colleges and institutions, as may be declared by the Government, by notification published in the Official Gazette; and