Expression of Interest definition

Expression of Interest. / “EOI” shall mean each expression of interest, as submitted by the Resolution Applicant(s), within the Cut-off Date, pursuant to the Advertisement (including any other means pursuant to which an Expression of Interest is received in a form and manner acceptable to the CoC and the Resolution Professional (acting on the instructions of the CoC)).
Expression of Interest or “EOI” means a statement of qualifications submitted in response to and according to the terms of this Request for EOI;

Examples of Expression of Interest in a sentence

  • FONERWA has also helped MINIRENA in proposals development for the Adaptation Fund amounting to approximately USD 10M, and has prepared a successful Expression of Interest to the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, which has the potential for financing to a tune of USD 50M.

  • I/We..........................................................., offer the following information in response to the Expression of Interest sought vide your Notice No. referred to above.

  • The undersigned duly authorised to represent the [Applicant], by signing this form certifies/certify and declare(s) that the information contained in this Expression of Interest and supporting documentation is complete and correct in all its elements.

  • The CONSULTANT shall not remove any project representative, consulting engineer, specialist or other person whose name is submitted to the STATE as part of the CONSULTANT’s Expression of Interest or Proposal, without the STATE’s prior approval.

  • Where it is concluded that noncompliance with the rules and procedures governing Bid Proposals prescribed by the Proclamation and Procurement Directive led to the failure of the Invitation for Expression of Interest to attract more than one Consultant, or where it is believed that modifying the Request for Proposals could attract adequate number of Consultants.

More Definitions of Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest means a request by the County to determine the interest of potential Vendors to provide Goods and/or Services;
Expression of Interest means an expression by a Participant that they wish to purchase a specified volume of Water Allocation (expressed as a whole number of Megalitres) from the Company on, and subject to, these Terms and Conditions.
Expression of Interest means lodgement of a detailed proposal or concept with respect to the proposed use of “The Ranch”, 226 Oxley Lane, Westdale being Lots 20 and 21 in Deposited Plan 1037831 containing all requested information and documentation, with a view towards subsequently entering into negotiations with Council (refer to clause 4 of these Conditions);
Expression of Interest means the online application form made by an organisation to participate in the Scheme;
Expression of Interest means a Vendor’s response to a Request for Expressions of Interest.
Expression of Interest or “EOI” means interest submitted by a Bidder as per sub-clause I of Clause