Part 1 Sample Clauses

Part 1. (a) If an employee believes that the position they occupy is improperly classified, they shall complete and forward to their immediate supervisor, excluded manager and the Employer Part 1 of the Classification Appeal Form requesting a written job description describing duties and responsibilities, which shall be provided within 30 days of the request. Such job descriptions shall be consistent with the employee's assigned duties and must be signed by an excluded manager or designate. An organization chart will also be included at this step.
Part 1. The Basics Of This Contract......................................... 2 The Parties Involved - Owner, Annuitant, Beneficiary, Irrevocable Beneficiary..................................... 2 Dates - Contract Date, Contract Anniversary Date, Contract Year, Issue Date, Maturity Date........................... 2 This Is A Legal Contract................................................... 2
Part 1. General Provisions 1 Article 1 (Application of Covenants) 1 Article 2 (Amendment to Covenants) 1 Article 3 (Definition) 2 Part 2. Conclusion of Contract 3 Article 4 (Application for the Service Contract) 3 Article 4-2 (Conclusion of Service Contract) 4
Part 1. The term
Part 1. A. The Mining Lease and Option to Purchase Agreement dated July 21, 2003, between Lander Resources LLC and Fremont Minerals Corporation, a Nevada corporation, as amended by the First Amendment to Mining Lease and Option to Purchase Agreement dated effective January 12, 2004, between Lander Resources LLC and Toquima Minerals US Inc. A Memorandum of the Mining Lease and Option to Purchase Agreement was recorded in the Office of the Lander County Recorder on August 8, 2003, Document 227190, Book 516, Page 569. On January 7, 2004, Fremont Minerals Corporation changed its name to Toquima Minerals US Inc. A copy of the Notice of Change of Name was recorded in the Office of the Lander County Recorder on March 3, 2004, Document No. 230507, Book 526, Page 91.
Part 1. Seller shall also reimburse to Buyer or to the Company, upon presentation of adequate documentary evidence of the works performed and the expenses disbursed, the Specific Environmental Compliance Costs corresponding to Annex 1(x) Part 2, which shall not be completed before Closing. It is however specified that Specific Environmental Costs borne by Seller in connection with each of the works listed in Annex 1(x) Part 2 shall not exceed the amount specified for such work in Annex 1(x) Part 2. For the avoidance of doubt, it is recalled that environmental costs (including Specific Environmental Compliance Costs) and related debts/provisions of the Company shall not be taken into account for the calculation of the Purchase Price Adjustment. Seller shall not bear any Specific Environmental Compliance Cost related to works undertaken more than two (2) years after the Closing Date.
Part 1. 2 In the event of the making of a determination or order by a court [of final jurisdiction/no right of appeal remaining] on an application for judicial review or audit review (within the meaning of the Local Government (Contracts) Act 1997), the result of which is that this Agreement does not have effect or is otherwise unenforceable, then:
Part 1. By deleting Part 1-Grant Award Detail on page 1 of 28 of the base agreement and replacing it with the following Part 1- Grant Award Detail:
Part 1. Complete all information on this form and return to the Registrar’s Office at the University of Massachusetts Xxxxxx. Date of Birth: MCC Student ID (Optional): UML Student ID: Name: (NAME AS YOU WISH IT TO APPEAR ON YOUR DIPLOMA) Current Address City State Zip UMass Xxxxxx Student Email Address: Telephone Number(s): Program of Study you wish to graduate from: By signing this form, I authorize the University of Massachusetts Xxxxxx to release an official transcript of my academic record to Middlesex Community College. I further authorize Middlesex Community College to review my complete academic record to determine if I meet the eligibility requirements for an Associate’s Degree at MCC. Receipt and/or submission of this form does not guarantee my graduation status at either Middlesex Community College or the University of Massachusetts Xxxxxx. Student Signature Date Information regarding your Middlesex Community College degree: First Program: Degree Certificate Program Option Second Program: Degree Certificate Program Option Return this form to: Office of the Registrar University of Massachusetts Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx Xx Xxxxxx XX 00000 I am planning to attend the Commencement ceremony: I am planning to pick up my Cap and Gown at: Size information needed for Cap and Gown reservation: Yes Bedford Height No Lowell Weight I authorize Middlesex Community College to release information for the Commencement program, local newspapers, and the professional photographer. Yes No MCC Office Use Only – Grad Application Received by Date
Part 1. The Data