Full-Time Employees Sample Clauses

Full-Time Employees. A full-time employee is one engaged as such and whose ordinary hours of work average 38 hours per week.
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Full-Time Employees. An employee who is classified staff and is regularly scheduled on a forty (40) hour week in a seven (7) day period, or an eighty (80) hour week schedule in a fourteen (14) day period.
Full-Time Employees. Employees who are scheduled to work an average of forty (40) hours per workweek.
Full-Time Employees. 3.01 Full-time employee means an employee who is regularly scheduled and works more than twenty-four (24) hours per week.
Full-Time Employees. All present employees enrolled in the Hospital’s pension plan shall maintain their enrolment in the plan subject to its terms and conditions. New employees and employees not yet eligible for membership in the Plan shall, as a condition of employment, enroll in the Plan when eligible in accordance with its terms and conditions. The corporation will contribute for regular full-time employees as follows:
Full-Time Employees. Full-time employees are those who are employed for not fewer than the number of hours per week called for in the normal work week applicable to their work locations.
Full-Time Employees. An Employer contribution shall be made for full-time employees who have at least eighty (80) paid regular hours in a month, unless otherwise required by law. For Plan Years 2016 and 2017, the Employer will pay ninety-five percent (95%) and the employee will pay five percent (5%) of the monthly premium rate as determined by PEBB. For employees who enroll in a medical plan that is at least ten percent (10%) lower in cost than the monthly premium rate for the highest cost medical plan available to the majority of employees, the Employer shall pay ninety-nine percent (99%) of the monthly premium for PEBB health, vision, dental and basic life insurance benefits and the employee shall pay the remaining one percent (1%).
Full-Time Employees. Full-time employee" means an employee who is normally scheduled to work 80 hours in a bi-weekly payroll period.
Full-Time Employees. The rates of pay and progression wage scales for full-time employees shall be those shown in Appendix B, Part I attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Full-Time Employees. (1) All full time employees as defined in Section 7 (a) (3), shall receive vacations with pay, two (2) weeks of which shall be given during the vacation period, according to the following schedule: After one (1) year continuous service, two (2) weeks vacation. After three (3) years' continuous service, three (3) weeks vacation. After eight (8) years' continuous service, four (4) weeks vacation. After thirteen (13) years' continuous service, five (5) weeks vacation. After twenty (20) years' continuous service, six (6) weeks vacation.