February 2007 Sample Clauses

February 2007. This presentation is being supplied to you solely for your information and may not be further distributed or passed on to any other person or published, in whole or in part, for any purpose. Neither this presentation nor any copy of it may be taken or transmitted into the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan or distributed, directly or indirectly, in the United States, Canada or Australia or distributed or redistributed in Japan or to any resident thereof. The distribution of this presentation in other jurisdictions may be restricted by law, and persons into whose possession this document comes should inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions. This presentation does not constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, any offer or invitation to subscribe for, underwrite or otherwise acquire, any securities of BPU Banca Scrl (“BPU”) or any member of its group, any securities of Banca Lombarda e Piemontese S.p.A. (“BL”) or any member of its group nor should it or any part of it form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with, any contract to purchase or subscribe for any securities in BPU or any member of its group, any securities of BL or any member of its group or any commitment whatsoever. The information contained in this presentation is for background purposes only and is subject to amendment, revision and updating. Certain statements in this presentation are forward-looking statements under the US federal securities laws. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. These include, among other factors, the satisfaction of the conditions of the offering, changing business or other market conditions and the prospects for growth anticipated by the BPU’s and BL’s management. These and other factors could adversely affect the outcome and financial effects of the plans and events described herein. Forward-looking statements contained in this presentation regarding past trends or activities should not be taken as a representation that such trends or activities will continue in the future. BPU and BL do not undertake any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of ...
February 2007. The parties shall conduct negotiations with bona fides with the aim of arriving at a detailed agreement on the basis of the principles specified in this Memorandum of Agreements by 15 March 2007. This Memorandum of Agreements shall be in effect: (1) as long as the percentage of ORL shares acquired by the parties exceeds 20% of ORL’s issued share capital, and the shareholding ratio of Scailex Group shall not drop below 8% of ORL’s share capital; or (2) 24 months have elapsed since the signing date of this Memorandum of Agreements – whichever of the two is later.
February 2007. The document stipulates that the favourable tariffs for employees and pensioners will be maintained as under the present conditions until the full opening of the market. The parties preliminarily and in principle agreed on the basis of those with entitlement, the future issues for the period following the complete opening of the market, and stipulated closing measures with respect to a final agreement. The signed agreement is a preliminary contract, which has to be followed by a final settlement in 90 days, to be reached by the agreed way of negotiations. By signing the ‘preliminary agreement’ the Trade Union has agreed to suspend further strike action thus, strikes planned for tomorrow and 12 February are cancelled and the strike committee is continuing negotiations. The agreement signed today also stipulates that the collective agreement in the industry concerning favourable electricity tariffs must be modified for the period following the complete opening of the market at the time of reaching the final agreement with the government, which is expected to be signed on 9 May 2007. The strike committee made a decision to thank the membership, the employees who expressed their solidarity and the pensioners for a successful and highly supported warning strike carried out in the morning on 6 February 2007. The committee also expresses its gratitude to the numerous Hungarian and European trade unions for their solidarity. It also thanks all the many citizens who expressed their support for our just strike. The preliminary agreement can be read: MSWord doc, 56,320 bytes.
February 2007. 79.74317181 August 2011....... 66.

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  • November any written response from the candidate to the DRC recommendation must be received by the Chair of the URC for inclusion in the academic file; copies to the Xxxx and the DRC;

  • April a candidate for promotion shall give written notice to the Chair of the DRC and her Xxxx that an application is to be made. Within two weeks, the Xxxx shall forward a list of candidates for promotion to the Vice-President (Academic).

  • December A pro rata share thereof shall be paid to an employee who leaves employment before 31

  • Dated Signature by or on behalf of assignor --------------------------------------- Signature Guaranteed DISTRIBUTION INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------- The assignee should include the following for purposes of distribution: Distributions shall be made, by wire transfer or otherwise, in immediately available funds to ________________________________________________, for the account of ______________________________, account number _____________, or, if mailed by check, to ______________________________. Applicable statements should be mailed to ___________________________________________________________. This information is provided by ______________________________________, the assignee named above, or ____________________________________, as its agent. EXHIBIT A-11 ------------ FORM OF CLASS B-2 CERTIFICATE SOLELY FOR U.S. FEDERAL INCOME TAX PURPOSES, THIS CERTIFICATE IS A "REGULAR INTEREST" IN A "REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE INVESTMENT CONDUIT", AS THOSE TERMS ARE DEFINED, RESPECTIVELY, IN SECTIONS 860G AND 860D OF THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE OF 1986 (THE "CODE"). THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS PROVIDED SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSES OF APPLYING THE U.S. FEDERAL INCOME TAX ORIGINAL ISSUE DISCOUNT ("OID") RULES TO THIS CERTIFICATE. THE ISSUE DATE OF THIS CERTIFICATE IS FEBRUARY 25, 1999. BASED ON THE OID REGULATIONS AND ASSUMING THAT THE MORTGAGE LOANS PREPAY AT 275% OF THE STANDARD PREPAYMENT ASSUMPTION, USED SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSES OF APPLYING THE OID RULES TO THE CERTIFICATES (THE "PREPAYMENT ASSUMPTION"), THIS CERTIFICATE HAS BEEN ISSUED WITH NO MORE THAN $30.82 OF OID PER $1,000 OF INITIAL CERTIFICATE PRINCIPAL BALANCE, THE YIELD TO MATURITY IS 6.92% AND THE AMOUNT OF OID ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE INITIAL ACCRUAL PERIOD IS NO MORE THAN $0.18 PER $1,000 OF INITIAL CERTIFICATE PRINCIPAL BALANCE, COMPUTED UNDER THE EXACT METHOD. NO REPRESENTATION IS MADE THAT THE MORTGAGE LOANS WILL PREPAY AT A RATE BASED ON THE PREPAYMENT ASSUMPTION OR AT ANY OTHER RATE. THIS CERTIFICATE IS SUBORDINATE TO THE SENIOR CERTIFICATES, THE RESIDUAL CERTIFICATES AND THE CLASS B- 1 CERTIFICATES TO THE EXTENT DESCRIBED IN THE AGREEMENT REFERRED TO HEREIN. NO TRANSFER OF THIS CERTIFICATE TO AN EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLAN OR OTHER RETIREMENT ARRANGEMENT (EACH A "PLAN") SUBJECT TO THE EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT INCOME SECURITY ACT OF 1974, AS AMENDED ("ERISA"), OR THE CODE WILL BE REGISTERED EXCEPT IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE PROCEDURES DESCRIBED HEREIN. Series 1999-2, Class B-2 Aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of Class B2 Certificates as of the Pass-Through Rate: 6.50% per annum Issue Date: $2,010,000.00 Date of Agreement and Cut-off Date: Denomination: $______________ February 1, 1999 Master Servicer: First Distribution Date: Cendant Mortgage Corporation March 25, 1999 No. _____ Trustee: The Chase Manhattan Bank Issue Date: February 25, 1999 CUSIP: 79548K H9 2 DISTRIBUTIONS IN REDUCTION OF THE CERTIFICATE PRINCIPAL BALANCE OF THIS CERTIFICATE MAY BE MADE MONTHLY AS SET FORTH HEREIN. ACCORDINGLY, THE OUTSTANDING CERTIFICATE PRINCIPAL BALANCE HEREOF AT ANY TIME MAY BE LESS THAN THE AMOUNT SHOWN ABOVE AS THE DENOMINATION OF THIS CERTIFICATE. MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATE evidencing a beneficial ownership interest in a Trust Fund (the "Trust Fund") consisting primarily of a pool of conventional, one- to four-family, fixed-rate, first lien mortgage loans (the "Mortgage Loans") formed and sold by SALOMON BROTHERS MORTGAGE SECURITIES VII, INC. THIS CERTIFICATE DOES NOT REPRESENT AN OBLIGATION OF OR INTEREST IN SALOMON BROTHERS MORTGAGE SECURITIES VII, INC., THE MASTER SERVICER, THE TRUSTEE OR ANY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE AFFILIATES. NEITHER THIS CERTIFICATE NOR THE UNDERLYING MORTGAGE LOANS ARE GUARANTEED BY ANY AGENCY OR INSTRUMENTALITY OF THE UNITED STATES. This certifies that ____________________ is the registered owner of a Percentage Interest (obtained by dividing the denomination of this Certificate by the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Class B-2 Certificates as of the Issue Date) in that certain beneficial ownership interest evidenced by all the Class B-2 Certificates in REMIC II created pursuant to a Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as specified above (the "Agreement"), among Salomon Brothers Mortgage Securities VII, Inc. (hereinafter called the "Depositor," which term includes any successor entity under the Agreement), the Master Servicer and the Trustee, a summary of certain of the pertinent provisions of which is set forth hereafter. To the extent not defined herein, the capitalized terms used herein have the meanings assigned in the Agreement. This Certificate is issued under and is subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of the Agreement, to which Agreement the Holder of this Certificate by virtue of the acceptance hereof assents and by which such Holder is bound. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, distributions will be made on the 25th day of each month or, if such 25th day is not a Business Day, the Business Day immediately following (a "Distribution Date"), commencing on the First Distribution Date specified above, to the Person in whose name this Certificate is registered on the last Business Day of the month immediately preceding the month of such distribution (the "Record Date"), in an amount equal to the product of the Percentage Interest evidenced by this Certificate and the amount required to be distributed to the Holders of Class B-2 Certificates on such Distribution Date pursuant to the Agreement. All distributions to the Holder of this Certificate under the Agreement will be made or caused to be made by or on behalf of the Trustee by wire transfer in immediately available funds to the account of the Person entitled thereto if such Person shall have so notified the Trustee in writing at least five Business Days prior to the Record Date immediately prior to such Distribution Date and is the registered owner of Class B-2 Certificates, the aggregate initial Certificate Principal Balance of which is in excess of the lesser of (i) $5,000,000 or (ii) two-thirds of the aggregate initial Certificate Principal Balance of the Class B-2 Certificates, or otherwise by check mailed by first class mail to the address of the Person entitled thereto, as such name and address shall appear on the Certificate Register. Notwithstanding the above, the final distribution on this Certificate will be made after due notice by the Trustee of the pendency of such distribution and only upon the presentation and surrender of this Certificate at the office or agency appointed by the Trustee for that purpose as provided in the Agreement. This Certificate is one of a duly authorized issue of Certificates designated as Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates of the Series specified on the face hereof (hereinafter called the "Certificates") and representing a Percentage Interest in the Class B-2 Certificates specified on the face hereof equal to the denomination specified on the face hereof divided by the aggregate Certificate Principal Balance of the Class B-2 Certificates specified on the face hereof. The Certificates are limited in right of payment to certain collections and recoveries respecting the Mortgage Loans, all as more specifically set forth herein and in the Agreement. As provided in the Agreement, withdrawals from the Collection Account and the Distribution Account may be made from time to time for purposes other than distributions to Holders of the Certificates, such purposes including reimbursement of advances made, or certain expenses incurred, with respect to the Mortgage Loans. The Agreement permits, with certain exceptions and conditions provided therein, the amendment thereof and the modification of the rights and obligations of the Depositor, the Master Servicer and the Trustee and the rights of the Holders of the Certificates under the Agreement at any time by the Depositor, the Master Servicer and the Trustee, with the consent of the Holders of Certificates entitled to at least 66% of the Voting Rights. Any such consent by the Holder of this Certificate shall be conclusive and binding on such Holder and upon all future Holders of this Certificate and of any Certificate issued upon the transfer hereof or in exchange herefor or in lieu hereof whether or not notation of such consent is made upon this Certificate. The Agreement also permits the amendment thereof, in certain limited circumstances, without the consent of the Holders of any of the Certificates. As provided in the Agreement and subject to certain limitations set forth therein, the transfer of this Certificate is registrable in the Certificate Register upon surrender of this Certificate for registration of transfer at the offices or agencies appointed by the Trustee as provided in the Agreement, duly endorsed by, or accompanied by an assignment in the form below or other written instrument of transfer in form satisfactory to the Trustee and the Certificate Registrar duly executed by, the Holder hereof or such Holder's attorney duly authorized in writing, and thereupon one or more new Certificates of the same Class in authorized denominations evidencing the same aggregate Percentage Interest will be issued to the designated transferee or transferees. The Certificates are issuable in fully registered form only without coupons in Classes and denominations representing Percentage Interests specified in the Agreement. As provided in the Agreement and subject to certain limitations set forth therein, Certificates are exchangeable for new Certificates of the same Class in authorized denominations evidencing the same aggregate Percentage Interest, as requested by the Holder surrendering the same. No transfer of this Certificate to a Plan subject to ERISA or Section 4975 of the Code, any Person acting, directly or indirectly, on behalf of any such Plan or any person using Plan Assets to acquire this Certificate shall be made except in accordance with Section 5.02(c) of the Agreement. No service charge will be made for any such registration of transfer or exchange of Certificates, but the Certificate Registrar may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge that may be imposed in connection with any transfer or exchange of Certificates. The Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Trustee and the Certificate Registrar and any agent of the Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Trustee or the Certificate Registrar may treat the Person in whose name this Certificate is registered as the owner hereof for all purposes, and none of the Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Trustee, the Certificate Registrar nor any such agent shall be affected by notice to the contrary. The obligations created by the Agreement and the Trust Fund created thereby shall terminate upon payment (or provision for payment) to the Holders of the Certificates of all amounts held by or on behalf of the Trustee and required to be paid to them pursuant to the Agreement following the earlier of (i) the final payment (or any advance with respect thereto) on or other liquidation of the last Mortgage Loan remaining in REMIC I, and (ii) the purchase by the party designated in the Agreement at a price determined as provided in the Agreement from REMIC I of all the Mortgage Loans and all property acquired in respect of such Mortgage Loans remaining therein. The Agreement permits, but does not require, the party designated in the Agreement to purchase from REMIC I all the Mortgage Loans and all property acquired in respect of any Mortgage Loan remaining therein at a price determined as provided in the Agreement. The exercise of such right will effect early retirement of the Certificates; however, such right to purchase is subject to the aggregate Stated Principal Balance of the Mortgage Loans at the time of purchase being less than 10% of the aggregate principal balance of the Mortgage Loans as of the Cut-off Date. The recitals contained herein shall be taken as statements of the Depositor and the Trustee assumes no responsibility for their correctness. Unless the certificate of authentication hereon has been executed by the Certificate Registrar, by manual signature, this Certificate shall not be entitled to any benefit under the Agreement or be valid for any purpose.

  • MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Re: Nurses Committee The parties acknowledge that the Registered Nurses’ Union Newfoundland and Labrador (RNUNL) have indicated that they have issues of concern unique to Nurses who live and work in Labrador and that the RNUNL will attempt to address these concerns through a committee which will be established subsequent to these negotiations.

  • Start Date The parental leave must begin no later than 52 weeks after the day the child is born or comes into the custody, care and control of the parent for the first time for provincially or federally regulated employees. The parental leave of an employee who takes a pregnancy leave must begin when the pregnancy leave ends unless the child has not yet come into the care and control of the parent for the first time.

  • Four on, Two off Schedule In an effort to maximize full-time employment opportunities, the local parties may agree to a “four on, two off” innovative schedule, subject to the following principles:

  • By December 31, 2015, the Board will calculate the annual amount of a.i) divided by a.ii) which will form the base funding amount for the Trust;

  • year The employee shall provide medical substantiation to support her request for pregnancy leave. The request must include the beginning and ending dates of the leave and must be requested no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the birth of the child. Any changes to the leave, once approved, are permissive and subject to the approval of the department head or designee.

  • Statement of Understanding By executing this Agreement, Employee acknowledges that (a) Employee has had at least twenty-one (21) or forty-five (45) days, as applicable in accordance with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, as amended, (the “ADEA”) to consider the terms of this Agreement [and any attachment necessary or desirable in accordance with the ADEA] and has considered its terms for such a period of time or has knowingly and voluntarily waived Employee’s right to do so by executing this Agreement and returning it to Company; (b) Employee has been advised by Company to consult with an attorney regarding the terms of this Agreement; (c) Employee has consulted with, or has had sufficient opportunity to consult with, an attorney of Employee’s own choosing regarding the terms of this Agreement; (d) any and all questions regarding the terms of this Agreement have been asked and answered to Employee’s complete satisfaction; (e) Employee has read this Agreement and fully understands its terms and their import; (f) except as provided by this Agreement, Employee has no contractual right or claim to the benefits and payments described herein; (g) the consideration provided for herein is good and valuable; and (h) Employee is entering into this Agreement voluntarily, of Employee’s own free will, and without any coercion, undue influence, threat, or intimidation of any kind or type whatsoever. HAVING READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS AGREEMENT, CONSULTED COUNSEL OR VOLUNTARILY ELECTED NOT TO CONSULT COUNSEL, AND HAVING HAD SUFFICIENT TIME TO CONSIDER WHETHER TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT, THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY EXECUTE THIS AGREEMENT ON THE DATES SET FORTH BELOW. EMPLOYEE JDA SOFTWARE GROUP, INC. By: Date: Date: