Year definition

Year means a calendar year.
Year means “Financial Year” unless stated otherwise.
Year means calendar year ending 31 December.

Examples of Year in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, at least one (1) meeting per Calendar Year shall be in-person unless the Parties mutually agree in writing to waive such requirement.

  • Related to the requirements of the MMPLG, Alcoa’s actions include an annual 5-year consultation process aligned with the 5 Year Mine Plan.

  • The "Aggregate Vesting Percentage" is the total of the individual vesting percentages for each of the achieved Performance Goals for the Performance Year as set forth on Exhibit B.

  • Subject to Section 9, an employee who becomes eligible after the beginning of a Plan Year may participate in this Plan for that Plan Year.

  • Each Award is determined by a Payout Formula(e) for the applicable Plan Year, subject to the Committee’s authority to adjust the Award otherwise payable.

More Definitions of Year

Year means the calendar year.
Year means the Calendar Year.
Year means a financial year.
Year means the financial year.
Year means the period of time beginning in January used to determine compliance with the provisions of these rules. The licensee or registrant may change the starting date of the year used to determine compliance by the licensee or registrant provided that the change is made at the beginning of the year and that no day is omitted or duplicated in consecutive years.
Year means the 12 months ending with 31 March.
Year means twelve (12) consecutive Months.