Year definition

Year means a calendar year.
Year means calendar year.
Year means calendar year ending 31 December.

Examples of Year in a sentence

  • For each full Plan Year thereafter in which the Participant remains continuously employed with Walmart or its Related Affiliates, an Incentive Payment will be credited to the Participant’s Grandfathered Account as of the last day of such Plan Year.

  • The Eligible Officer’s Deferred Compensation will be deferred proratably for each payroll period of the Plan Year.

  • If the Company shuts down the office in which the Executive works for any reason, for example, the Christmas/New Year period.

  • Request for Threshold Pre-Approval Audit Services for Fiscal Year 2023 Service Total Pre-Approved Annual Fees for Pre- Approved Audit Services: $100,000 1.Statutory audits or financial audits for subsidiaries of the Company2.

  • Request for Additional Pre-Approved Audit Services for Fiscal Year 2022 Service Incremental Pre-Approved Annual Fees for Pre- Approved Audit Serv $310,000 1.Audit of the consolidated financial statements for the year end December 31, 2022, including quarterly reviews; additional amounts specific to procedures performed related to the bankruptcy.

More Definitions of Year

Year means “Financial Year” unless stated otherwise.
Year means the Calendar Year.
Year means the calendar year.
Year means the period of time beginning in January used to determine compliance with the provisions of these rules. The licensee or registrant may change the starting date of the year used to determine compliance by the licensee or registrant provided that the change is made at the beginning of the year and that no day is omitted or duplicated in consecutive years.
Year means a financial year.
Year means a period of 365 days commencing with the day of first delivery of gas hereunder, and each 365 days thereafter except that in a year having a date of February 29th, such year shall consist of 366 days.
Year means the 12 months ending with 31 March.