Subscription Fees definition

Subscription Fees the Fees payable for access to the Cloud Service as set out in an Order.
Subscription Fees means the annual license fees for the Software licensed under an Order Form, which incorporate both the Net License Fee and the Support Fee.
Subscription Fees means the agreed upon fees in an Order for a Subscription.

Examples of Subscription Fees in a sentence

  • We will invoice you at the agreed intervals for the Subscription Fees and take this amount from your nominated bank account via direct debit on the dates agreed in the Documentation.

  • If we make a change that’s materially detrimental to you, you may terminate this Agreement and we will reimburse any prepaid Subscription Fees as at the date of termination.

  • If the Agreement is terminated by HDAL for a reason other than the breach of the Agreement by the Customer, then the Customer will be entitled to a refund of the Subscription Fees on a pro-rated basis.

  • Where a Subscriber has more than 1 (one) STB authorized by the DPO to receive the Channels then every such connection(s) shall be considered as a separate and distinct “Subscriber” in all respect including for calculation of Subscription Fees.

  • October 2022Dear Nominet Director Opinion of Andrew Thornton KCWeighted Voting and Members Subscription Fees We refer to the Opinion of Andrew Thornton KC of 29 September 2022 and David Buckle’s Statement on behalf of Nominet of the same day.

More Definitions of Subscription Fees

Subscription Fees means the fees payable by Subscriber for subscribing to any ChargePoint Services.
Subscription Fees the Fees payable by You to Us for Your and Your Users’ use of access to the Cloud Service from time to time, as set out in an Order.
Subscription Fees the Fees payable for the Software as set out in an Order.
Subscription Fees means the fees for the right to access and use a Diligent Service and Client Software as set out in the applicable Order Form.
Subscription Fees means all fees and charges set forth or referenced in (a) Section 7.1, (b) Part II of any Schedule or Addendum, and (c) any Rate Sheet.
Subscription Fees means the subscription fees payable by you to us (or your Reseller) for the right to use the Software and to receive Customer Support, as more particularly set out in your Order.