Legal Documents definition

Legal Documents. Those documents, comprising part of the Mortgage File, set forth in Schedule B-1 of this Agreement.
Legal Documents means the laws of Vietnam in effect on the date hereof as stated in published and publicly available “legal documents” of the type listed in Articles 2, 4, 172.2 and 172.4 of the Law on Promulgation of Legal Documents adopted by the National Assembly on June 22, 2015 (as amended by Law No. 63/2020/QH14 adopted by the National Assembly on June 18, 2020).
Legal Documents. Those documents described in parts A and B of Exhibit A attached hereto and which comprise part of the Mortgage File.

Examples of Legal Documents in a sentence

  • Relevant Legal Documents (such as Duly certified Power of Attorney, if applicable), not submitted along with the ASBA application form.

  • The applicable Seller will, with respect to each Mortgage Loan to be purchased by the Purchaser, deliver and release to the Purchaser the Legal Documents as set forth in Section 2.01.

  • Legal Documents: Legally required application/contract components.

  • No later than 5 Business Days prior to the Funding Date, Seller will deliver to Purchaser or its custodian, Legal Documents required pursuant to Schedule B-1.

  • Pursuant to Section 2.01 of the Agreement, the Seller has delivered to the Purchaser or its custodian the Legal Documents for each Mortgage Loan to be purchased as set forth in the Agreement.

More Definitions of Legal Documents

Legal Documents has the meaning given in Section 5.11(C).
Legal Documents means this Client Agreement together with and all Policies and Terms of Business, as these are published in the Client Documents Pack section of the Website. The Client acknowledges that the Legal Documents may be amended by the Company from time to time and the last version shall be available by accessing the Website.
Legal Documents shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.6.
Legal Documents. Either Party shall provide any assistance reasonably requested by the other Party in order to timely meet the response deadline of any Legal Document.
Legal Documents means the Participant Agreement, the Rules, the Procedures and the User Guides.