Appointed official definition

Appointed official means a person who:
Appointed official means any individual who is appointed by the County Executive or the County Legislature to any agency, institution, department, office, branch, division, council, commission, board or bureau, whether unpaid or paid.
Appointed official means a planning commissioner, board of zoning appeals member, or board of architectural review member;

Examples of Appointed official in a sentence

  • Appointed official directly responsible to the County Manager, or the elected official responsible to the electorate for the overall administration of a department.

  • Report continuing sexual harassment to the Elected Official or Appointed official who is responsible for your department or to the County Judge or the County Attorney.

  • Appointed official directly responsible to the County Manager for the overall administration of the Department Of Administrative Services.

  • Appointed official charged with ensuring the proper use of public resources.

  • Appointed official charged with overseeing the public conduct of those in authority or in charge of exercising public office.

More Definitions of Appointed official

Appointed official means any person occupying the following positions: manager of aviation, manager of transportation and infrastructure, manager of public health and environment, manager of safety, city attorney, manager of finance, manager of parks and recreation, manager of general services, manager of human services, and manager of community planning and development.
Appointed official means a person who is selected by the County Board or County Chairperson to serve on a Committee or other group whose purpose is to provide recommendations, advice and/or guidance to the Lake County Board.
Appointed official means any official of this state
Appointed official means that person who has been duly appointed to a Pawnee Nation committee, commission, board or other non-employee position by the Business Council.
Appointed official means the City Manager and the City Attorney;
Appointed official means an individual, partnership, association or corporation, that has contracted with the Fund to provide, on the Fund’s behalf, specific functions as defined in these bylaws and limited to an administrator, attorney, auditor and treasurer. These functional positions are considered to be essential roles in the successful operation of the Fund and are therefore listed separately from servicing organizations.
Appointed official means a person, other than an elected official or employee, who is appointed to a Township agency, municipal corporation, commission, board or other entity authorized to act on behalf of the Township or subset thereof.