Reasonable Suspicion Testing Sample Clauses

Reasonable Suspicion Testing. Reasonable suspicion testing for alcohol or controlled substances may be directed by the Employer for any employee performing safety sensitive functions or any employee of the WSP and LCB when there is reason to suspect that alcohol or controlled substance usage may be adversely affecting the employee’s job performance or that the employee may present a danger to the physical safety of the employee or another. Specific objective grounds that support the reasonable suspicion must be stated in writing and will be provided to the employee prior to testing whenever possible. Such written grounds shall be provided to the Union within fourteen (14) calendar days of testing.
Reasonable Suspicion Testing a. Reasonable suspicion to test a Covered Employee will exist when contemporaneous, articulable and specific observations concerning the symptoms or manifestations of impairment can be made. These observations shall be documented on the Reasonable Suspicion Report Form attached to this Appendix as Exhibit B. At least three (3) indicia of drug or alcohol impairment must exist, in two (2) separate categories, as listed on the Reasonable Suspicion Report Form. In the alternative, the employer representatives must confirm direct evidence of drug or alcohol impairment as listed on the Reasonable Suspicion Report Form.
Reasonable Suspicion Testing. An employee may be required to submit to urinalysis drug screening or alcohol breath testing based on reasonable suspicion. Reasonable suspicion means a belief, drawn from specific objective facts and reasonable inferences drawn from those facts in light of experience, that an employee is using or may have used drugs or alcohol in violation of this Agreement or a departmental work rule. By way of example only, reasonable suspicion may be based upon any of the following:
Reasonable Suspicion Testing a. Where the Agency has a reasonable suspicion that en employee is under the influence of any alcoholic intoxicants or controlled substances, including marijuana, or has a controlled substance, including marijuana, present in the body, the Agency may require that the employee immediately consent and submit to field and impairment tests and sampling (blood, urine or Breathalyzer test) at an approved laboratory. The Agency shall pay for the costs of the tests. A refusal to consent and submit to any of these tests shall be deemed the same as a positive test result.
Reasonable Suspicion Testing. All employees covered by this policy shall submit to drug and alcohol tests when the Village has reasonable suspicion to believe that the covered employee has used a prohibited drug and/or engaged in alcohol misuse. Such requests will be based on specific, contemporaneous, articulable observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech, or body odors of the covered employee. At least one supervisor who is trained in detecting the signs and symptoms of drug use and alcohol misuse must make the required observations and complete a Condition of Employee Report. Reasonable suspicion alcohol tests will be performed within two (2) hours but no later than eight (8) hours following the observation. If an alcohol test is not administered within two (2) hours following the observation, the Village will prepare and maintain a record stating the reason(s) the test was not so administered. If an alcohol test still is not administered within eight (8) hours following the observation, all attempts to administer the test will cease and the written record stating the reason(s) the test was not administered will be updated. In all cases where an employee is required to submit to a “reasonable suspicion” drug and alcohol test, the employee shall be removed from and not returned to service until the test results have been reported and confirmed as negative.
Reasonable Suspicion Testing. No employee shall be required to submit to drug or alcohol 46 testing without reasonable suspicion except as otherwise required by law or this agreement. All 1 drug and alcohol testing shall be conducted in accordance with District policy and procedures for 2 drug and alcohol testing.
Reasonable Suspicion Testing. All Employees Performing Safety Sensitive Functions‌