Difference Sample Clauses

Difference. This is calculated by deducting the ‘Closing Inventory – Calculated’ total from the ‘Closing Inventory – Physical’ total reported on the Packaged Product Movement Summary. LDB Shrinkage Allowance Calculation The shrinkage allowance takes into account an acceptable volume of Product that may be consumed or written-off in BC due to normal manufacturing and warehousing activities. By allowing this, a manufacturer does not have to fully document each instance of breakage/destruction which may occur. The rate depends on the annual production volume of the manufacturer. The current rate of the LDB shrinkage allowance is 1.75% of ‘Total Calculated Packaged Product Moved in BC’ for the annual production of packaged wine-other products, and 0.50% for packaged cider and refreshment beverage products' annual production. Self-Assessment Calculation This portion of the Packaged Product Movement Summary calculates the Total Deductions Subject to LDB Mark-up. If the amount is positive, you owe the LDB mark-up because your non- sale inventory deductions exceed the LDB shrinkage allowance. The LDB will invoice you to recover the mark-up value based on the LDB Established Retail Price of the excess volume of the unaccounted movement of inventory. Other With the submission of your Packaged Product Movement Summary report, you must provide the LDB a listing of all the Warehouses located in British Columbia where you stored any of your Product as at March 31.
Difference. This is calculated by deducting the ‘Closing Inventory – Calculated’ total from the ‘Closing Inventory – Physical’ total reported on the Packaged Product Movement Summary.
Difference. Any difference arising between the Parties as to the interpretation, application, operation or alleged violation of the Agreement, including any difference arising over the suspension or dismissal of an employee, and including the question as to whether a matter is arbitrable, shall be finally and conclusively resolved without stoppage of work in the following manner:
Difference. This declaration shall be reviewed by an independent auditing firm and attached to the auditor’s report prepared by the said firm. The declaration shall only focus on recyclable containers that have a deposit or should have a deposit according to the Agreement relating to the Deposit, Recovery and Recycling of Non-Refillable Soft Drink Containers effective at the date of the Declaration SCHEDULE F Registration Form Agreement of January 1, 2016 entered into and concluded pursuant to the Act respecting the sale and distribution of beer and soft drinks in non-returnable containers Name or Corporate Name of Applicant: Legal Status: ❒ Legal person or Partnership1 ❒ Sole Ownership Quebec Business Number2: Date of Incorporation: Shareholders or Partners: Directors: Executive Officers: 1 If the Applicant is a legal person or a partnership, the Registrant must annex a certified resolution of the directors or of the partners, as the case may be, authorizing the signatory to sign this registration form. 2 Or a copy of the Company’s Incorporation Deed. Mailing Address (if different): List of principal activities of the Applicant (as a percentage of total business volume): The Applicant has a Soft Drink distribution and recovery network for Softs Drink using vehicles principally dedicated for this purpose (check): No ❒ Yes ❒ If Yes, in the following areas: Environment and the Fight against climate change an application to obtain a permit pursuant to the Act respecting the sale and distribution of beer and soft drinks in non-returnable containers.
Difference. All matters, questions, disputes, differences or claims arising between the Parties as to the effect, interpretation or application of this Agreement or as to their rights, duties or liabilities hereunder, or as to any act, matter or thing arising out of consequent to, or in connection with this Agreement (hereinafter called the Difference’) will be resolved amicably through negotiations. Such negotiations will commence within a period of seven (7) working days of the issue of notice in writing by either party calling for the same (hereinafter called ‘the Notice’).
Difference. 0.02 0.00 0.75 0.80 0.85 0.90 Mean value +1.96 SD 0.0406 Mean 0.0041 –0.05 0.70 0.75 0.80 0.85 0.90 0.95 Mean value +1.96 SD 0.0304 Mean –0.0030 –1.96 SD –0.0364 E F 0.02 Difference Difference 0.00 –0.02 0.04 0.02 0.00 –1.96 SD –0.0323 0.70 0.75 0.80 0.85 0.90 +1.96 SD 0.0346 Mean
Difference and use of country plough and mould board plough
Difference. 1.75%(-0.97)
Difference. This is a calculated value obtained by subtracting the on-line reading from the grab sample result.
Difference. The parties recognize that the employees are accountable for ensuring that their performance conforms with published standards. In the event of a difference in professional opinion between an employee and the Manager or a CIC, the employee shall comply with the instructions of the Manager or the CIC who shall assume responsibility for their own decisions. Section 2. Full Performance Level Controller (FPL). If a FPL controller is relieved from their position of operation by the Manager because of the controller's alleged unacceptable performance of duty, the controller, if requested, shall be given a written explanation of the reason for such action by the Manager, as soon as practical. The written explanation is not to be construed as constituting notice of proposed disciplinary action. 9/30/05