Summary report definition

Summary report means the year end report containing the summary of a
Summary report means the year end report containing the summary of a reporting entity's contributions and expenditures.
Summary report means a written summary of the DNA identification profile that includes only the following information:

Examples of Summary report in a sentence

  • The grant was awarded, and the work will take place from November 2022-September 2023.Outputs include:Summary report of analysis of existing data, along with information around DEI; Summary report of focus group findings;Summary report of survey findings; andPlans for Technical Assistance, Training, and Evaluation.

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Summary report means the summary of all monitor and excess emission information that occurred during a reporting period.
Summary report means a concise statement, signed by a qualified health professional, that reflects the care and treatment given and the response by the patient.
Summary report means a compilation of pertinent facts from the clinical notes regarding a patient, usually submitted to the patient's physician as part of a plan of treatment.
Summary report means a report as of each Determination Date or more frequently if requested by the Operating Agent, substantially in the form of Schedule 4, furnished by the Seller to the Operating Agent pursuant to Clause 11(F).
Summary report means a confidential high-level summary of an
Summary report means a confidential, high-level