Closing Inventory definition

Closing Inventory shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.6(a).
Closing Inventory has the meaning specified in Section 2.5(b).

Examples of Closing Inventory in a sentence

  • Closing Inventory – Actual physical inventory as of the last day of the quarter printed on Page 1.

  • The Excise Duty in respect of Closing Inventory of Finished Goods is included as part of the Inventory.

  • PART BCONSUMABLE TEMPLATEINPUT / OUTPUT CONSUMABLE INVENTORY REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31 MARCH 20XX Opening Inventory as at 1 April 20XX: Plus: Cost of Goods Purchased or Acquired: Minus: Consumption / Removals: $ -Closing Inventory as at 31 March 20XX: NOTES Note 1: The closing inventory as at 31 March 20XX must be equal to the itemized listing of consumable items provided through Part A, DND Owned Inventory Holdings Held by Contractors as at 31 March 20XX.

  • Buyer shall be permitted to sell and distribute finished drug product included in Closing Inventory that has been labeled prior to Closing using Sellers’ NDC numbers until the earlier of (i) Buyer having its own labeler code with respect to the Product or (ii) twelve (12) months following the Closing.

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More Definitions of Closing Inventory

Closing Inventory has the meaning set forth in Clause 11(a)(i).
Closing Inventory means all finished drug product or active pharmaceutical ingredient of Product, vancomycin and HP-b-cyclodextrin (excipient) listed on Schedule 1.1(o) hereto present as of the Closing Date (i) at the Third Party contract manufacturing organizations, (ii) at Third Party storage facilities contracted by Sellers to manufacture or store commercial supplies of Product, (iii) under Sellers’ control, and (iv) at Sellers’ places of business.
Closing Inventory has the meaning set forth in Section 8.15.
Closing Inventory. The Closing Inventory required under the provisions of Section 13.2.
Closing Inventory means finished Products (together with any Product packaging materials thereon) labeled and held for sale in the Territory, owned as of the Closing by Sellers or any of Sellers’ Affiliates that has not been sold to a Third Party, including any wholesaler or distributor, together with samples of finished Products labeled and held for use in the Territory.
Closing Inventory means the value of the Inventory as of the Effective Time, calculated in accordance with Schedule 2.5.