Relations between the Sample Clauses

Relations between the. Parties shall be governed by the provisions in the General Part of this Agreement and the strategic priorities under this Protocol, which shall be complementary and mutually reinforcing, in accordance with Article 88(5) of the General Part of the Agreement.
Relations between the. ADMINISTRATION AND THE DANUBE COMMISSION Relations between the Administration and the Danube Commission shall be governed by the provisions of the Convention regarding the régime of navigation on the Danube, signed at Belgrade on 18 August 1948.
Relations between the. Two Sides
Relations between the parties to the cooperation
Relations between the. Contracting Parties shall be governed by Czech law. In matters not expressly regulated herein, the legal relations arising and resulting from it shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and other generally binding legal regulations.

Related to Relations between the

  • Cooperation Between the Parties The College and UFE shall supply each other with requested information reasonably needed to facilitate the processing of the grievance. Meetings to discuss any grievance shall be scheduled at mutually convenient times.

  • Disputes between the Parties Any dispute between the Parties in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the procedures set forth in Exhibit B; provided, however, that either Party may seek a restraining order, temporary injunction, or other provisional relief in any court with jurisdiction over the subject matter of the dispute and sitting in Houston, Texas, if such Party in its sole judgment believes that such action is necessary to avoid irreparable injury or to preserve the status quo ante.

  • Disputes between a Contracting Party and an Investor of the other Contracting Party

  • Settlement of Disputes between an Investor and a Contracting Party

  • Disputes between the Contracting Parties 1. Any dispute between the Contracting Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall, as far as possible, be settled through negotiation.

  • COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN THE PARTIES A copy of all communications relating to the subject matter of this Agreement between the Issuer, any of the Guarantors, the Bond Trustee and any Agent (other than the Principal Paying Agent) shall be sent to the Principal Paying Agent.

  • Rest Between Shifts In scheduling work assignments, the Employer will make a good faith effort to provide each nurse with at least twelve (12) hours off duty between shifts. In the event a nurse is required to work with less than twelve (12) hours off duty between shifts, all time worked within this twelve (12) hour period shall be at time and one-half (1½x) the regular rate of pay. This Section shall not apply to standby and callback assignments performed pursuant to Article 9.

  • Relationship between the Parties A Party is not by virtue of this Agreement the employee, agent or partner of the other Party and is not authorised to bind or represent the other Party.

  • Settlement of Disputes between the Contracting Parties 1. Disputes between the Contracting Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement should, if possible, be settled through diplomatic channels.