Other Products definition

Other Products means, for each Unit, (1) all Ancillary Services that a Unit is capable of producing; (2) black start capability; (3) all Green Attributes, Renewable Energy Credits and Green Tags; (4) rights associated with Resource Adequacy Requirements (5) all thermal and/or mechanical energy produced by the Units [For qualifying cogeneration facilities only, add: exclusive of ____ MMBTU of thermal energy and/or ___ joules of mechanical energy]; and (6) all products or services similar to the foregoing which can be produced by or are associated with the Capacity of the Unit.
Other Products means all products and services, other than an Advance, Credit Product or Derivative Transaction, offered by the Bank to any Obligor from time to time, including correspondent banking services, mortgage purchase programs and affordable housing and community investment products and services.
Other Products means any products and/or services in the Field of Use, other than a Patent Product, derived in any manner whatsoever from any of the Technical Information and/or Licensee Developments.

Examples of Other Products in a sentence

  • Subject to the limitations, exclusions and disclaimers set forth in this Section 9, Bridgelux warrants solely to Customer that Products (excluding Other Products) shall materially conform to the applicable Specifications (or Customer’s specifications to the extent expressly accepted in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Bridgelux) for the “Warranty Period” applicable for such Products.

More Definitions of Other Products

Other Products means all electricity products offered by the supplier including alternative GreenPower products and / or packages with varying components or percentages of a GreenPower product;
Other Products means any product or service (or component thereof), specifically excluding any product or service that is a Patented Product, the discovery, development, manufacture, use, sale, offering for sale, importation, exportation, distribution, rental or lease of which involves the use or incorporation, in whole or in part, of Know-How.
Other Products means products other than Printable Media Products that were or are reasonably similar in form or function to the products developed (or under development), manufactured, marketed, distributed or sold by the Business as of the date of this Agreement or resulting from the normal progression of the business or technology related to such products. Other Products include: (i) organization, presentation and filing products (including indexes, dividers, binders, file folders, report covers and sheet protectors); (ii) writing instruments (including markers, highlighters and stick pens); (iii) stamp products; (iv) organization and identification products for professionals and individuals in the home, office and on-the-go; (v) organization, identification and other products related to education and learning; (vi) all other products intended for office or consumer use (including consumer glue products such as glue sticks or bottled glue for arts and crafts).
Other Products includes manganese ore products and mineral ores other than iron ore products;
Other Products means any pharmaceutical product, other than the Product or any Additional Product, owned or licensed by or to PRONOVA that contains the API or an active pharmaceutical ingredient substantially similar to the API, including any and all dosage forms, formulas, strengths and package sizes and types thereof, whether or not currently marketed, and whether or not sold on a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) basis, including, without limitation, the pharmaceutical products sold under the Zodin® trademark outside of the Territory.
Other Products means any products other than Licensed Products.
Other Products means any Products other than the Wood Floor Products supplied by Us to You;