Legal Person Sample Clauses

Legal Person. It is a legal person (corporation).
Legal Person. You should provide us with the Legal Entity Identifier (“LEI”), the 20-digit, alphanumeric code that enables clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions. It is emphasized that we will not be in a position to provide a service triggering the obligation for us to submit a transaction report for a transaction entered into on your behalf, prior obtaining the LEI from your side. Failure to renew your LEI on an annual basis will result to the termination of this Agreement.
Legal Person. If you are a legal person, information must be disclosed both about the legal person and the natural person representing the legal person (see clause 2.1 above). The natural person representative of the legal person has to provide proof of the representation rights as well as any and all data required about the legal person.
Legal Person. The Company shall be a legal person under the laws of China.
Legal Person. It is a legal person (i.e. corporation).
Legal Person. 9 The clause applies to contracts involving access to ENEL premises and/or access and processing of data and information related to the ENEL Group as well as the use by the Contractor of ENEL information systems. ENEL GROUP GENERAL CONTRACT CONDITIONS Sixth Edition valid since 01/07/2016 - the acquisition of requested data, as and when, for purposes related to the stipulation and management of the Contract is an essential condition for the establishment and fulfillment of contractual relationships. Refusal to consent to the processing of said data shall result in the impossibility to stipulate and execute the Contract; Data acquisition for the promotion of commercial services shall be optional; - the personal data acquired, as well as the data processed, must be notified to Companies subject to management and coordination of ENEL S.p.A. or associates thereof and shall not be notified/disclosed to third parties except where permitted by law. Furthermore, the personal data acquired, as well as the data processed, may also be subject to disclosure to third-party companies appointed, as data processors, to carry out monitoring of the documentation relating to the Contractor; - if the Contractor (and/or other parties concerned, such as proxies, contract referring persons, etc.) is an individual entity, he has the right to exercise, in regards to the existence and processing of its personal data, the rights provided under art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, and subsequent amendments; - the data processing controller is understood to be the Commissioning Company of the ENEL Group, represented by its temporary legal representative; - the data processor in question is the pro-tempore Head of the Procurement Area of Enel Italia Srl, headquartered in Viale Regina Margherita 125 - 00198 Rome.
Legal Person. The Company shall be a Legal Corporate Entity (企业法人) under the laws of China. Compliance with the Laws of China The activities of the Company shall be governed by and regulated by the relevant published laws, regulations, measures, and rules of China, and the Company and the Parties shall act at all times in compliance with the laws of China. No Agency Relationship Neither Party is the agent of the other Party nor does either Party have any power to bind the other Party or to assume or to create any obligation of responsibility, express or implied, on behalf of the other Party in the other Party’s name. Neither this Agreement nor any of the other contracts contemplated herein shall be construed as constituting Party A and Party B as partners or as creating any other form of legal association which would impose liability upon one Party for the act or failure to act on the other. PURPOSES; BUSINESS SCOPE; LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Purpose of the Company The purpose of the Company shall be to use advanced technology and know-how and scientific management techniques of Party A for the Company to produce, sell and provide Products to Target Customers, and to allow the each Party of this Agreement to earn satisfactory profits. Provision of top quality Products will be a priority for the Company and both Parties commit to have the Company follow strict quality guidelines and polices in the design, development, testing and manufacture of the products. Business Scope of the Company The business scope of the Company shall be, subject to the approval of the competent governmental, quasi-governmental, and other regulatory authorities and the respective boards of directors of Party A and Party B. In the event the Company necessitates the expansion of business scope to other products, applications, and/or markets, the Parties shall agree on the terms to pursue different ones. The Company shall not enter new business lines without the approval of the Board. To avoid any doubts, the Target Customers List is defined exclusively as: Xxxxxxx Company, Xxxxxx Company, Xxxxx Company, and Xxxxx Company. Other potential customers that in the future may be served by the Company will be included in the Target Customer list by written agreement by both Parties. For the absence of doubt, potential customers not included in the Target Customer List shall not be pursued by the Company. TOTAL INVESTMENT AND REGISTERED CAPITAL Total Investment The total amount of investment of the Compan...
Legal Person. The JV company is established under the Corporate Law of China and is a Chinese legal person. Its activities shall comply with Chinese Laws and Regulations and its rights and interests shall be protected by the Chinese Laws and Regulations.
Legal Person. The JV shall be an enterprise legal person under the laws of the PRC.