Dancers Sample Clauses

Dancers. 1. Definition — Dancers The term “dancers” shall be deemed to include both swimmers and skaters when the performance of the latter two is choreographed.
Dancers. Increase the compensation payable to a dancer for hazardous activity under Section 6.B. of Schedule J to $85 per day (up from $80 per day), with a minimum of $110 (up from $100) if only one (1) day’s services is rendered. Add a new subsection (6) to Section 6.B, of Schedule J of the Basic Agreement to read as follows: “dancing on stony and hard surfaces, such as, but not limited to, concrete, asphalt, gravel, marble, tile or sand, as well as dancing on raked stages, elevated platforms and staircases.”
Dancers. This applies to the new agreement for dancers. For those of you who remain subject to the earlier r etirement rules. To whom does this apply? All who, as of the first of January 2015, have five or fewer years left until the previously applicable retirement age. Dancers who were born on December 31st 1978 or earlier. The following applies: You will continue under the Pisa regu- lation with its rules on lower retirement ages. The employer pays the pension according to the old AIP agreement for all employees. For dancers there is a special conversion fee paid when you leave your employment. It corresponds to a 10% pay raise. For those of you who fall under the new pension agreement To whom does this apply? Dancers born January 1st 1979 or later. This applies to all employees regardless of employment status. The following applies: Your employer pays to into the pension according to ITP 1. For those who are affected by the restructuring and the career change agreement To whom does this apply? All who, as of January 1st 2015, have more than five years left until the pre-existing retirement ages. Dancers who were born on January 1st 1979 or later. The agreement makes no distinction between permanent employ- ees and freelancers (temporary employees). The following applies: Dancers are entitled to restructuring/ career change benefits for up to three years with three years ex- tension. This requires that you meet the qualifications stated in the contract terms. The aid is administered by a newly formed Foundation (SOK Foundation). For dancers there will be a wage increase of 10% starting January 1st, 2015. The following applies for the supplementary pension In the development of Pisa regulations, a dancer at age 65 recei- ves a so-called supplementary pension as compensation for the abolition of the pension rights. This is based on the employer-paid premiums up to the 31st of December, 2014, for the right to retire before the age of 65. For those of you outside institutional theaters When you freelance (have a fixed-term contract) for an institu- tional theater, you are covered for that work by the rules above. If you work with another employer, the collective pension terms available at that workplace apply. More about the agreements Here you can read more about the meaning of the agre- ement in brief. The agreement in its entirety can be down- loaded at xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx (Swedish) About the earlier retiremement rules The pensions of institutional theaters hav...
Dancers. (a) All footwear for dancers, where such footwear is provided by the Producer, shall be appropriate to the work, clean, properly fitted, braced and rubbered.

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