Emergency Treatment Sample Clauses

Emergency Treatment. Employees will be provided with emergency treatment for on-the-job injuries, at no cost to the employees, and employees as a condition of receipt of emergency treatment, do agree to hold the County harmless for injuries or damage sustained as a result thereof, if any. Employees further will promptly sign an appropriate Workers' Compensation claim form when presented by the employer.
Emergency Treatment. 21 Employees will be provided with emergency treatment for on-the-job injuries, at 22 no cost to the employees, and employees as a condition of receipt of emergency treatment, do 23 agree to hold the County harmless for injuries or damage sustained as a result thereof, if any.
Emergency Treatment. We will reimburse any person as required by the legislation for emergency treatment resulting from an accident involving your vehicle. A payment made under this Section will not prejudice your No Claim Discount.
Emergency Treatment. Medi- cally necessary treatment due to an emergency.
Emergency Treatment. The Company will indemnify any person as named in the Certificate of Insurance against legal liability under the Road Traffic Act to pay for emergency treatment of injuries caused by or arising out of the use of such vehicle in any territory to which any of the Act applies. A payment made by reason of this Section shall not be deemed to be a claim under this Insurance for the purposes of Section 4 - No Claim Bonus.
Emergency Treatment. FACILITY must provide or arrange for emergency treatment - at the Students' expense – upon any accident or illness to any Student while at the FACILITY for the Program.
Emergency Treatment. If the treatment requires an emergency admission, the member may not be able to contact us beforehand. Do, however, ask somebody to contact us as soon as possible and make sure that, when the member is admitted to hospital, the hospital is given the member’s membership card and proof of identity so that it can contact us straight away. While you are having treatment Identifying yourself as an AXA member In any event, if a member is receiving treatment in any part of our hospital within our international directory of hospitals the member must always identify himself/herself as a member to ensure that his eligible treatment enjoys the advantages of our negotiated rates. Failure to do this may expose you/the member to additional costs which you/the member will have to bear. Please note that AXA reserves the right to recover from you/the member any ineligible expenses it has incurred on behalf of that member under this policy. Claim forms for reimbursement claims Members can visit our website at xxx.xxx.xxx.xx to obtain a printable claim form if they need one or call our Health Customer Care Centre at the number shown on the reverse of your membership card. Members must take a claim form with them (also available from our website) and make sure it is filled in and signed by themselves and the medical practitioner treating such member and send back to us as quickly as possible, giving us all the information we request. Only original receipted invoices can be accepted with your claim. A fully completed claim form will ensure that the claim will be processed promptly. An incomplete or unsigned claim form may delay settlement of the claim and in some cases may lead to the claim form being returned to you/the member for completion. It may be necessary for us to obtain a medical report from the attending medical practitioner. If the medical practitioner does not respond quickly to such a request the claim may be delayed. We do not pay for medical reports. For treatment where the member is seeking our pre-authorization, such authorization must be received from us, in writing, prior to treatment commencing. A copy of that authorization must be included in the member’s subsequent claim. Please note that, for reimbursement claims, we will only consider claims made within ninety (90) days of treatment being received. Where to send your claims Any bills, together with your completed claim form, should be sent to: AXA Insurance Pte Ltd 0 Xxxxxxx Xxx, #00-00 XXX Xxxxx, Xxxx...
Emergency Treatment. OUT OF PROVINCE: Payment will be made for the following reasonable and customary charges incurred for emergency treatment while traveling or temporarily residing outside your province of residence, and which are in excess of the provincial health plan allowance: - room and board in a licensed hospital up to xxxx level - hospital services and supplies - diagnosis and treatment by a physician or surgeon. LIMITATIONS Extended Health Benefits are not payable for: - Services normally paid through any provincial hospital plan, any provincial medical plan, WSIB, other government agencies or any other source. - Services provided in a chronic care or psychiatric hospital, chronic unit of a general hospital, health spa, or when a patient is confined to a nursing home or home for the aged and receives Ontario government assistance. - Dental care (except as outlined under “Benefits”). - Rest cures, travel for health reasons, insurance examinations or services or supplies for cosmetic purposes.
Emergency Treatment. The term "Emergency Treatment" means treatment resulting from a sudden, unexpected onset of a serious illness or injury.