Customary Sample Clauses

Customary. Provisions The Facility documentation will contain customary provisions regarding indemnification, tax gross up, increased costs, illegality, capital adequacy and breakage costs subject to mitigation obligations, lender removal provisions and tax credit provisions. Governing Law The definitive documents (other than real property collateral documents, which will be governed by local law) will be governed by the laws of the State of New York. Counsel Counsel to the Lead Arranger and Agent is ***. Milbank Tweed Hadley & XxXxxx LLP is counsel to Borrower, Sponsor and the Project Companies. Local Texas Counsel TBD TXU - *** Confirmation Annex A - Form of Guaranty Annex A Form of Guaranty TXU - *** Confirmation Annex A - Form of Guaranty *** *** June 6, 2006 To: TXU Generation Development Company LLC Ladies and Gentlemen: From time to time, *** and TXU Generation Development Company LLC (“Counterparty”) may enter into one or more commodity transactions relating to the purchase, sale, exchange or similar physically-delivered and/or financially-settled transactions (or options thereon) with respect to crude oil, coal, natural gas, electricity or other energy commodity or energy related services, or emission allowances (each, a “Transaction”), based on prices of such commodities as the parties may agree, and the terms and conditions of which shall be set forth in individual confirmations issued by *** or exchanged between the parties (each, a “Confirmation”), including the Transaction evidenced by the long-form confirmation letter agreement entered into between *** and Counterparty on June 6, 2006 (the “Long-Form Confirmation”), which incorporates by reference the terms of the 1992 ISDA Master Agreement (collectively, the Transactions, together with each Confirmation, and the Long-Form Confirmation, together with each schedule, annex and exhibit thereto, are hereinafter the "Agreement"). In consideration of Counterparty entering into such Transactions, *** hereby irrevocably and unconditionally guarantees, as primary obligor and not merely as surety, to Counterparty, with effect from the date of the first Transaction with the Counterparty, the due and punctual payment of all amounts payable by *** under each Transaction and the Agreement when the same shall become due and payable, whether on scheduled payment dates, upon demand, upon declaration of termination or otherwise, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and giving effect to any applicable grace peri...
Customary the allowed amount determined by the Plan by considering relevant professional, economic, and market factors, including but not limited to: the degree of professional involvement, charges of Professional Providers of the same or similar specialty for the procedure performed, the actual cost of equipment and facilities, or other factors which contribute to the cost of the procedure.
Customary antidilution protection shall apply as relates to the number of shares subject to any stock option (e.g., in the event of stock splits) but excluding antidilution protection as relates to the percentage of Common Stock subject to such option (e.g., in the event of new stock issuances). Furthermore, there shall be immediate vesting of all options in the event that Executive dies or becomes disabled or there is a change in control (which shall occur if any entity other than the shareholders as of the effective date hereof or their successors acquire 51% or more of the Common Stock or if Company sells all or substantially all of Company's assets).
Customary abbreviations may be used in the name of a Securityholder or an assignee, such as TEN COM (= tenants in common), TEN ENT (= tenants by the entireties), JT TEN (= joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as tenants in common), CUST (= Custodian), and U/G/M/A (= Uniform Gifts to Minors Act).
Customary payroll practices are those policies and procedures routinely followed by QTA concerning the time and method of payment of compensation to its employees as may from time to time be adopted by QTA during course of this Employment Agreement. It is anticipated that QTA will adopt the policies and procedures currently used by TBNA on or about the date of closing of the Merger Agreement.

Related to Customary

  • Standard No representation or warranty of Seller contained in Article III or of Buyers contained in Article IV shall be deemed untrue, inaccurate or incorrect for purposes of Section 6.2(a) or 6.3(a) of this Agreement, and no party hereto shall be deemed to have breached a representation or warranty for such purpose under this Agreement, in any case as a consequence of the existence or absence of any fact, circumstance or event unless such fact, circumstance or event, individually or when taken together with all other facts, circumstances or events inconsistent with any representations or warranties contained in Article III, in the case of Seller, or Article IV, in the case of Buyers, has had or would reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect with respect to the Companies or Buyers, respectively (disregarding for purposes of this Section 10.1 all qualifications or limitations set forth in any representations or warranties as to “materiality,” “Material Adverse Effect” and words of similar import). Notwithstanding the immediately preceding sentence, (i) the representations and warranties contained in Section 3.2(a) shall be deemed untrue and incorrect if not true and correct in all respects other than to a de minimis extent (relative to Section 3.2(a), taken as a whole) and (ii) the representations and warranties contained in Sections 3.2(b), 3.3(a), 3.3(b), 3.3(c)(i), 3.7, 3.20, and 3.21 shall be deemed untrue and incorrect if not true and correct in all material respects.

  • Practices The practices used or to be used by the Servicer, to monitor collections with respect to the Trust Property and repossess and dispose of the Financed Vehicles related to the Trust Property will be, in all material respects, in conformity with the requirements of all applicable federal and State laws, rules and regulations, and this Agreement. The Servicer is in possession of all State and local licenses (including all debt collection licenses) required for it to perform its services hereunder, and none of such licenses has been suspended, revoked or terminated, except where the failure to have such licenses would not be reasonably likely to have material adverse effect on its ability to service the Loans or Contracts or on the interest of the Indenture Trustee, the Trust Collateral Agent or the Noteholders.

  • Underwriting If the registration of which the Company gives notice is for a registered public offering involving an underwriting, the Company shall so advise the Holders as a part of the written notice given pursuant to Section 9.2(a)(i). In such event the right of any Holder to registration pursuant to Section 9.2 shall be conditioned upon such Holder’s participation in such underwriting and the inclusion of Registrable Securities in the underwriting to the extent provided herein. All Holders proposing to distribute their securities through such underwriting shall (together with the Company and the other holders distributing their securities through such underwriting) enter into an underwriting agreement in customary form with the managing underwriter selected for such underwriting by the Company. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section 9.2, if the managing underwriter determines that marketing factors require a limitation of the number of shares to be underwritten, the managing underwriter may limit the number of Registrable Securities to be included in such registration and underwriting. No such reduction shall reduce the amount of securities of the selling Holders included in the registration below thirty percent (30%) of the total amount of securities included in such registration, unless such offering is the initial public offering and such registration does not include shares of any other selling shareholders, in which event any or all of the Registrable Securities of the Holders may be excluded in accordance with the immediately preceding sentence. The Company shall so advise all Holders and other holders distributing their securities through such underwriting and the number of shares of Registrable Securities that may be included in the registration and underwriting shall be allocated among all the Holders in proportion, as nearly as practicable, to the respective amounts of Registrable Securities held by such Holder at the time of filing the Registration Statement. To facilitate the allocation of shares in accordance with the above provisions, the Company may round the number of shares allocated to any Holder or other person to the nearest 100 shares. If any Holder disapproves of the terms of any such underwriting, he may elect to withdraw therefrom by written notice to the Company and the managing underwriter. Any securities excluded or withdrawn from such underwriting shall be withdrawn from such registration, and shall not be transferred in a public distribution prior to ninety (90) days after the effective date of the registration statement relating thereto, or such other shorter period of time as the underwriters may require.

  • Retentions (2) Extras for which the claimant has not received payment.

  • Self-Insurance Notwithstanding the foregoing, each Interconnected Entity may self-insure to meet the minimum insurance requirements of this Section 13 of this Appendix 2 to the extent it maintains a self- insurance program, provided that such Interconnected Entity’s senior secured debt is rated at investment grade or better by Standard & Poor’s and its self-insurance program meets the minimum insurance requirements of this Section 13. For any period of time that an Interconnected Entity’s senior secured debt is unrated by Standard & Poor’s or is rated at less than investment grade by Standard & Poor’s, such Party shall comply with the insurance requirements applicable to it under this Section 13. In the event that an Interconnected Entity is permitted to self-insure pursuant to this section, it shall notify the other Interconnection Parties that it meets the requirements to self-insure and that its self-insurance program meets the minimum insurance requirements in a manner consistent with that specified in Section 13.5 of this Appendix 2.

  • Customary Fringe Benefits Executive will be eligible for all customary and usual fringe benefits generally available to executives of Company subject to the terms and conditions of Company’s benefit plan documents. Company reserves the right to change or eliminate the fringe benefits on a prospective basis, at any time, effective upon notice to Executive.

  • Risk Management Except as required by applicable law or regulation, (i) implement or adopt any material change in its interest rate and other risk management policies, procedures or practices; (ii) fail to follow its existing policies or practices with respect to managing its exposure to interest rate and other risk; or (iii) fail to use commercially reasonable means to avoid any material increase in its aggregate exposure to interest rate risk.

  • Deductibles The Department shall be exempt from, and in no way liable for, any sums of money representing a deductible in any insurance policy. The payment of such deductible shall be the sole responsibility of the Grantee providing such insurance.

  • Policies All policies of insurance (the “Policies”) required pursuant to Section 7.1.1 shall (i) be issued by companies approved by Lender and licensed to do business in the State, with a claims paying ability rating of “A” or better by S&P (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency) (provided, however for multi-layered policies, (a) if four (4) or less insurance companies issue the Policies, then at least 75% of the insurance coverage represented by the Policies must be provided by insurance companies with a claims paying ability rating of “A” or better by S&P (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency), with no carrier below “BBB” (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency) or (b) if five (5) or more insurance companies issue the Policies, then at least sixty percent (60%) of the insurance coverage represented by the Policies must be provided by insurance companies with a claims paying ability rating of “A” or better by S&P (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency), with no carrier below “BBB” (and the equivalent by any other Rating Agency), and a rating of A:XV or better in the current Best’s Insurance Reports; (ii) name Lender and Senior Lender and its successors and/or assigns as their interest may appear as the mortgagee (in the case of property insurance), loss payee (in the case of business interruption/loss of rents coverage) and an additional insured (in the case of liability insurance); (iii) contain (in the case of property insurance and subject to the rights of Senior Lender) a Non-Contributory Standard Mortgagee Clause and a Lender’s Loss Payable Endorsement, or their equivalents, naming Lender as the person to which all payments made by such insurance company shall be paid, subject to the rights of Senior Lender; (iv) contain a waiver of subrogation against Lender; (v) subject to the rights of Senior Lender, be assigned and the originals thereof delivered to Lender; (vi) contain such provisions as Lender deems reasonably necessary or desirable to protect its interest, including (a) endorsements providing that neither Borrower, Owner, Lender nor any other party shall be a co-insurer under the Policies, (b) that Lender shall receive at least thirty (30) days’ prior written notice of any modification, reduction or cancellation of any of the Policies, (c) an agreement whereby the insurer waives any right to claim any premiums and commissions against Lender, provided that the policy need not waive the requirement that the premium be paid in order for a claim to be paid to the insured and (d) providing that Lender is permitted to make payments to effect the continuation of such policy upon notice of cancellation due to non-payment of premiums; (vii) in the event any insurance policy (except for general public and other liability and workers compensation insurance) shall contain breach of warranty provisions, such policy shall provide that with respect to the interest of Lender, such insurance policy shall not be invalidated by and shall insure Lender regardless of (a) any act, failure to act or negligence of or violation of warranties, declarations or conditions contained in such policy by any named insured, (b) the occupancy or use of the premises for purposes more hazardous than permitted by the terms thereof, or (c) any foreclosure or other action or proceeding taken by Lender pursuant to any provision of the Loan Documents; and (viii) be satisfactory in form and substance to Lender and approved by Lender as to amounts, form, risk coverage, deductibles, loss payees and insureds. Borrower shall cause Owner to pay the premiums for such Policies (the “Insurance Premiums”) as the same become due and payable and furnish to Lender evidence of the renewal of each of the Policies together with (unless such Insurance Premiums have been paid by Senior Lender pursuant to Section 3.3 of the Senior Loan Agreement) receipts for or other evidence of the payment of the Insurance Premiums reasonably satisfactory to Lender. If Borrower does not furnish such evidence and receipts at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of any expiring Policy, then Lender may, but shall not be obligated to, procure such insurance and pay the Insurance Premiums therefor, and Borrower shall reimburse Lender for the cost of such Insurance Premiums promptly on demand, with interest accruing at the Default Rate. Borrower shall deliver (or cause Owner to deliver) to Lender a certified copy of each Policy within thirty (30) days after its effective date. Within thirty (30) days after request by Lender, Borrower shall obtain (or cause Owner to obtain) such increases in the amounts of coverage required hereunder as may be reasonably requested by Lender, taking into consideration changes in the value of money over time, changes in liability laws, changes in prudent customs and practices, and the like.

  • Property Management Borrower will provide for professional management of the Mortgaged Property by the Property Manager at all times under a property management agreement approved by Lender in writing. Borrower will not surrender, terminate, cancel, modify, renew or extend its property management agreement, or enter into any other agreement relating to the management or operation of the Mortgaged Property with Property Manager or any other Person, or consent to the assignment by the Property Manager of its interest under such property management agreement, in each case without the consent of Lender, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.