Practices Sample Clauses

Practices. The practices used or to be used by the Servicer, to monitor collections with respect to the Trust Property and repossess and dispose of the Financed Vehicles related to the Trust Property will be, in all material respects, in conformity with the requirements of all applicable federal and State laws, rules and regulations, and this Agreement. The Servicer is in possession of all State and local licenses (including all debt collection licenses) required for it to perform its services hereunder, and none of such licenses has been suspended, revoked or terminated, except where the failure to have such licenses would not be reasonably likely to have material adverse effect on its ability to service the Loans or Contracts or on the interest of the Indenture Trustee, the Trust Collateral Agent or the Noteholders.
Practices. All past practices not superseded by the National Teamsters Addendum or in conflict with the National Teamster Addendum or law, shall continue bargaining unit employees immediately. Thereafter, the Local Parties will meet to negotiate their First Local Collective Bargaining Agreements by October 1, 2018 May 28, 2022. The local parties shall negotiate terms and conditions of employment consistent with the National Teamsters Addendum and ratify their Local Agreements in accordance with their bylaws and constitution.
Practices. This Agreement shall supersede any rules, regulations, or practices of the Employer which shall be contrary to or inconsistent with its terms. All rules, regulations, and practices of the Employer which are not contrary to the provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
Practices. Distributor shall avoid deceptive, misleading or unethical practices detrimental to Supplier, the Product or the public, including but not limited to making representations, warranties or guarantees to Courses or to the golf industry with respect to the specifications, features or capabilities of the Product that are materially inconsistent with the literature distributed by Supplier. Distributor shall make no warranty, guaranty or representation, whether written or oral, on Supplier’s behalf.
Practices. 5. Participation in competitions, whether skills-based or leadership-based, that are sponsored by a recognized student organization as defined by Article 19(B) will result in the payment of extra compensation in accordance with Article 19(D)(1) and Article 19(D)(2).
Practices. Engage in any corrupt, fraudulent, coercive, collusive or obstructive practice related to the Projects; and
Practices. Should the District take action to change its practices in subjects within the scope of meet and confer as specified in Government Code Section 3500 et seq. which are not a part of this Agreement, the District agrees to meet and confer before taking such action.
Practices. Except for operational business reasons, Board policies shall be uniformly administered throughout the bargaining unit.
Practices. Section 1. Separability: The Employer and Coali- tion agree that if a court of competent jurisdiction or applicable Local, State, or Federal laws compel the invalidation or modification of any provision of this National Addendum, such provision shall be deemed inoperative, if found invalid, or modified to the extent required by law or a court of competent jurisdiction. With respect to a part of this National Addendum being declared invalid, it is the express intent of the parties that all of the provisions of the All past practices not superseded by the National Addendum or in conflict with the National Adden- dum or law, shall continue during the duration of this National Addendum.
Practices. All Producers’ Wellhead Meters and Gatherer’s Receipt Meters shall be constructed, installed, and operated in accordance with the following standards depending on the type of meters used.