Deductibles Sample Clauses

Deductibles. All deductibles on any policy shall be the responsibility of the Design Professional and shall be disclosed to the City at the time the evidence of insurance is provided.
Deductibles. The Department shall be exempt from, and in no way liable for, any sums of money representing a deductible in any insurance policy. The payment of such deductible shall be the sole responsibility of the Grantee providing such insurance.
Deductibles. If there is a material adverse change in the financial condition of LESSEE which LESSOR reasonably believes will not enable LESSEE to pay the deductible upon the occurrence of a partial loss of the Aircraft or an Engine, then LESSOR may require LESSEE at LESSEE's expense to lower its deductibles on the insurance maintained hereunder to a level which is available on commercially reasonable terms in the insurance market.
Deductibles. Concessionaire shall be responsible and pay any claims or losses to the extent of any deductible amounts and waives any claim it may ever have for the same against the City, its officers, agents or employees.
Deductibles. Lessee shall be responsible for any and all deductibles under the Insurances.
Deductibles. Any deductibles or self-insured retentions must be declared to and approved by City. At the option of City, either: (a) the insurer shall reduce or eliminate such deductibles or self-insured retentions as respects City, its elected officials, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers; or (b) Developer and its contractors shall provide a financial guarantee satisfactory to City guaranteeing payment of losses and related investigation costs, claims, and administrative and defense expenses.