Project Companies definition

Project Companies means all Group Project Companies and Non-Group Project Companies together, each being a “Project Company”.
Project Companies means the Operating Entities and the Earnout Project Entities.
Project Companies has the meaning set forth in the preliminary statements of this Agreement.

Examples of Project Companies in a sentence

  • In case applications for multiple Projects have been made by a Consortium, separate Project Companies can be formed for each Project.

  • Remove exterior paint in all areas affected by cutting, burning, welding, grinding or any other work which may affect lead containing coatings, a minimum of 0’-6” beyond any areas where lead based coatings will be disturbed (including, but not limited to cutting, sanding, scraping, grinding, burning or cutting).

  • Therefore these Project Companies are identified as different operating segments of the Group.

  • Whilst pay levels have increased since then they still lag the levels which survey data suggest are appropriate.

  • No Holding Vehicle shall engage in any activity and shall be organized solely for the purpose of directly or indirectly owning Equity Interests in one or more Joint Venture Companies, Project Companies, Local Operating Companies or Bidding Companies.

More Definitions of Project Companies

Project Companies has the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereto.
Project Companies means the entities listed in Annex 7.
Project Companies means Evergreen Wind Power V, LLC and/or Stetson Wind II, LLC, as applicable.
Project Companies means Diablo, Gateway and Vista.
Project Companies means all limited liability companies or other Persons formed to own Projects, including the Red River Project Company, the Xxxxxx Project Company, the Xxxxxxxxx Project Company and the Supply Company.
Project Companies. (a) as of the Closing Date, each of Desert Sky Solar LLC (the “Badger Project Company”), Columbia Solar Energy, LLC (the “Columbia Project Company”), Jacksonville Solar LLC (the “Jacksonville Project Company”), Xxxxxx Solar LLC (the “Xxxxxx Project Company”), Pavant Solar II LLC (the “Pavant II Project Company”), San Xxxxxx Solar LLC (the “San Xxxxxx Project Company”), Ignite Solar Holdings 1, LLC (the “Shasta A&B Project Company”), SL Babylon, LLC (the “SL Babylon Project Company”), ERWR Xxxxxxxx Farm Solar, LLC (the “Xxxxxxxx Project Company”), Xxxxxxxxx Solar LLC (the “Xxxxxxxxx Project Company”), Bison Solar LLC (the “Bison Project Company”), BC Solar, LLC (the “Black Cap Project Company”) and Siete Solar LLC (the “Queen Creek Project Company”) and (b) after the Closing Date, as of any date of determination, each of the Project Companies described in clause (a) other than any Project Company (i) which has been the subject of a Specified Asset Disposition or PPA Buyout or (ii) for which the Borrower has made a prepayment subject to Section 2.9(c) in connection with a Recovery Event.
Project Companies or “Projects” means Mining exploration in Kwanda. In the previous year this also included Boikgantsho, Kwanda and Ga-Phasha. Boikgantsho and two farms in Ga-Phasha (De Kamp and Paschaskraal) were sold to RPM and the remaining two farms in Ga-Phasha (Avoca and Klipfontein) were transferred to Bokoni on December 13, 2013. See the “segment information” (note 15) in the unaudited Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements for Q2 2015 for more details;