Coordination Agreement Sample Clauses

Coordination Agreement. The Grantee shall provide the State a copy of the executed Coordination Agreement, and all supporting documentation. This condition is only required in basins where GSAs develop multiple GSPs pursuant to Water Code section 10727(b)(3). Refer to the GSP Regulations for necessary details and requirements to prepare and submit a Coordination Agreement.
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Coordination Agreement. An agreement between the ISO and the operator(s) of one or more neighboring Control Areas addressing issues including interchange scheduling, operational arrangements, emergency procedures, energy for emergency and reliability needs, the exchange of information among Control Areas, and other aspects of the coordinated operation of the Control Areas. Disbursement Agreement The Rate Design and Funds Disbursement Agreement among the PTOs, as amended and restated from time to time. Elective Transmission Upgrade. A Ttransmission Upgradefacility constructed by any Person which is not required to be constructed pursuant to any applicable requirement of this Agreement, but which may be subject to applicable requirements set forth in the ISO OATT and this Agreement.
Coordination Agreement. The beneficiaries are deemed to have concluded a coordination agreement with the partners of the third country project, which must be consistent with the provisions of this grant agreement and the consortium agreement. The coordination agreement governs inter alia:
Coordination Agreement. The Company shall have delivered to Parent documentation reasonably satisfactory to Parent evidencing the Company’s entry into the Handok Coordination Agreement.
Coordination Agreement. Because multiple GSPs will be developed for the Basin, the Parties agree that a Coordination Agreement shall be developed and entered in accordance with Sections 10727(b)(3), 10727.6, and 10733.4(b)(3) of the Act, and the requirements and elements set forth in Section 357.4 of Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations (“SGMA Regulations”) to ensure that the GSPs are developed and implemented utilizing the same data and methodologies and that elements of the GSPs necessary to achieve the sustainability goal for the Basin are based upon consistent interpretations of the basin setting. Because developing and executing the Coordination Agreement is a prerequisite to filing the respective GSPs, the Parties agree to commence negotiation of the Coordination Agreement through their respective GSAs as soon as practicable, but no later than July 1, 2020. In the event that essential terms and elements of the Coordination Agreement, as set forth by Section 357.4 of the SGMA Regulations, have not been developed in draft for consideration by the Parties and the respective GSAs by June 1, 2021, any Party to this Agreement may demand in writing to the other Parties that the remaining process for developing and finalizing the Coordination Agreement be administered with the services of a mediator as provided by Section 7 below.
Coordination Agreement. Each of the Banks authorises and instructs the Security Trustee to execute and perform the Coordination Agreement and each Lender undertakes for the benefit of the other Parties, the Junior Security Trustee and the Junior Lenders that, if the Security Trustee (acting on the instructions of the Junior Lenders) exercises its option under Clause 7.1 of the Coordination Agreement, it will execute and deliver a Transfer Certificate in favour of each relevant Junior Lender in the amount, at the time and in the manner required by Clause 7.2 of the Coordination Agreement.
Coordination Agreement. Each of the Banks authorises and instructs the Security Trustee to execute and perform the Coordination Agreement.
Coordination Agreement. This coordination agreement describes activities of ERSM, a relevant Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) organization, as required in Permit Section • XXXX will name a point of contact as the ERSM MS4 Permit Lead/Liaison. This person will coordinate directly with Watershed Management Services (WMS), with internal M&O groups and other road service area agencies as necessary. o Xxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxxx, Deputy Officer, ERSM • The ERSM MS4 Permit Lead/Liaison will provide an organizational chart showing all ERSM groups involved in permit compliance activities to WMS by January 1, 2016, for inclusion in the coordination plan submittal to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation ADEC. o See attached
Coordination Agreement. The School Board, the County and the Municipalities agree that the timely delivery of adequate public school facilities at the Level of Service standards adopted in this Agreement requires close coordination among the local governments and the School Board beginning at the level of land use planning, development approval, and school facility planning. Further, the School Board and local governments agree that new school facilities should be planned for and provided in proximity to those areas planned for Residential Development or redevelopment. Further, the School Board shall review and provide a determination on all School Concurrency Determination Applications for the impact of the projected Residential Development on Available School Capacity.
Coordination Agreement