Continuous Sample Clauses

Continuous. MCC System service is defined as continuous employment and shall include all authorized leaves of absence since the last date of hire into a status granting position as well as periods of continuous prior state service performed by employees transferred to the MCC System pursuant to Chapter 695 (Public Law 1985) on April 6, 1986.
Continuous. ‌ Rehearsals shall be continuous from the beginning of rehearsals to the date of the first public performance as stated on the face of the Artist's ITA Engagement Contract. After that date they need not be continuous.
Continuous. Handling and feeling • Finger dexterity and hand–eye coordination along with full hand and wrist movement • Ability to perceive attributes of objects by touching with skin, particularly that of the fingertips Talking • An excellent understanding of the English language is required when dealing with external organisations and Rural Northwest Health team members • Ability to communicate effectively Hearing • Ability to maintain hearing acuity with correction if required and the ability to hear and understand whispered conversations at a distance of up to 1 metre • Ability to interpret what is being heard Vision • Ability to maintain 20/20 vision using correction if required • Ability to see and recognise objects and read documents • Ability to discriminate between colours and to determine depth perception Smelling • Ability to distinguish odours and identify hazards Repetitive motions • Repetitive motions of the wrists, hands or fingers may be required when carrying out administration duties such as but not limited to typing
Continuous. (1) It is agreed that except as stipulated in 57(A) above, rehearsals shall be continuous from the date of the first rehearsal to the date of the first public performance of the play as stated on the face of the Contract of Employment.
Continuous. Intermittent, and Reduced Work Schedule Leave - All leave granted under this Article shall normally be for a continuous period of time for each incident. An employee shall be permitted to take intermittent leave or work on a reduced schedule to take care of a family member with a serious health condition or for his/her own serious health condition when it is medically necessary. Management may require the employee to transfer temporarily to an available alternative position with equivalent compensation for which the employee is qualified that accommodates recurring periods of leave better than the employee’s regular position. Employees who elect a part- time schedule shall receive prorated compensated time off benefits in accordance with Section 4.110 of the LAAC during the duration of their part-time schedule. In accordance with the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), leave for the birth, adoption or xxxxxx care placement of a child of an employee (“bonding” leave) does not have to be taken in one continuous period of time. Under CFRA, the basic minimum duration of bonding leave is two weeks, and on any two occasions an employee is entitled to such bonding leave for a time period of not less than one day but less than two weeks’ duration. Any other form of intermittent leave, or work on a reduced schedule, for the purpose of bonding leave shall only be permitted at the discretion of Management. Bonding leave must be concluded within one year of the birth or placement of the child.
Continuous professional development is a hallmark of professional nursing practice. As a self-regulating profession, nursing recognizes the importance of maintaining a dynamic practice environment which includes ongoing learning, the maintenance of competence, career development, career counselling and succession planning. The parties agree that professional development includes a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to formal academic programs; short-term continuing education activities; certification programs; independent learning committee participation. The parties recognize their joint responsibility in and commitment to active participation in the area of professional development.
Continuous. For the purpose of clause only, all the Senate continuous or discontinuous, shall count vacation leave except a person on leaving the Senate, takes or has taken severance pay. However, the above exception shall not apply to an employee who receives severance pay on lay- off and is reappointed to the Senate one year following the date of lay- off. For the purpose of this Article, continuous employment shall also include continuous employment and other breaks in service of less than three (3) months in: the office of a Member of iament; the House of the Library of Parliament; and and portions of the Public Service referred to or listed in Schedule A of the Public Service Terms and Conditions of Employment Regulations made pursuant to Section of the Financial strati on Act Notwithstanding clause a) and above, no shall have his currently recognized years of employment reduced by the implementation of this Article.
Continuous. Nature of the processing The nature of the processing of Personal Data by Airbrake is performance of the Services set forth in the Main Agreement. Purpose(s) of the data transfer and further processing The objective of the processing of Personal Data by Airbrake is to provide the Service, pursuant to the Main Agreement. The period for which the personal data will be retained, or, if that is not possible, the criteria used to determine that period The duration of the processing will be: until the earliest of (i) expiry/termination of the Main Agreement, or
Continuous. Funding is received each year to continue project. Current Status On Schedule ‐ Project is in progress and has met milestone dates. Behind Schedule ‐ Project is in progress, but has not met milestone dates. Hold ‐ Work on the project was started, however due to outside issues work on the project has been stopped.
Continuous. Nature of the processing The personal data transferred will be subject to the processing activities identified in the Agreement and the DPA. Purpose(s) of the data transfer and further processing For delivery of the software as a service (“SaaS”) and related services provided by Processor to Controller pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The period for which the personal data will be retained, or, if that is not possible, the criteria used to determine that period The Duration of processing is during the term of the Agreement and for limited periods thereafter as specifically contemplated under the Agreement. For transfers to (sub-) processors, also specify subject matter, nature and duration of the processing Same as Processor.