Frequent Sample Clauses

Frequent. Standing and walking • Major components of the position • Required for movement around the organisation • Requires the ability to fully use both legs on a variety of surfaces Sitting • Required when carrying out documentation or administration requirements Lifting and carrying • Required in the movement of objects around the organisation including movement from lower to higher and/or horizontally and/or place to place • Requires the ability to fully use both arms and hands Pushing and pulling • Required to draw, drag, push or tug objects around the organisation including but not limited to trolleys Bending and crouching • Bending at waist level whilst carrying out job requirements in the organisation • Ability to xxxxxx to floor level when required Reaching and stretching • Required in carrying out administration duties and in the movement of objects in the organisation Twisting • May be required in the movement of objects in the organisation • The ability to reach in all directions and to twist at the waist is required Grasping/finger movement • Pinching, picking, and typing is required to holding onto objects • Ability to do repetitive motions with hands, wrists and fingers
Frequent unavailability for work is defined as being unavailable for work fifty (50%) per cent or more of all shifts offered on a monthly basis, but does not include an employee who is: - working and is offered a split shift - offered a shift after working five (5) consecutive days - offered an overtime shift - absent on approved vacation - on prone rest, where it would be compromised - absent due to bereavement or compassionate reason - scheduled for a shift and is offered an alternate shift on the same day - working on an approved shift trade Part time employees who maintain an unavailability rate of fifty (50%) per cent or greater, for a period of three (3) consecutive months may be subject to disciplinary action.

Related to Frequent

  • Weekly An employee whose compensation is fixed on a weekly basis shall be paid bi-weekly for work performed during the bi-weekly payroll period. There shall be no compensation for time not worked unless such time off is authorized time off with pay.

  • Frequency Your milk must be supplied on a consistent basis throughout the week on either a daily or skip-a-day basis as agreed by you and DFMC, except in emergencies. DFMC has no obligation to collect your milk more frequently than once per day, but may agree to do so from time to time. If, at DFMC’s election, your milk is collected more frequently than you require, no Gate Fees or charges will apply for the additional collections.

  • Visits During all visits by either party to the facilities of the other party, visitors shall comply with all reasonable rules of the host company, and each party to this Agreement will indemnify and hold the other party harmless from any liability, claim or loss whatsoever (i) for any injury to, or, death of, any of its employees or agents while such persons are present at the facility of the other party; and (ii) for any damages to its own property or to the property of any such employee or agent which may occur during the presence of any such person at the facility of the other party, regardless of how such damage occurs.

  • Monthly Not later than the 8th Business Day of each calendar month (other than the calendar months in which a Payment Date occurs) and commencing in July 2019, the Issuer shall compile and make available (or cause to be compiled and made available) to the Rating Agency, the Collateral Trustee, the Collateral Manager, the Placement Agent, the Co-Placement Agent and each other Holder shown on the applicable Register and any beneficial owner of a Secured Debt or Subordinated Securities who has delivered a Beneficial Ownership Certificate to the Collateral Trustee a monthly report on a settlement date basis (except as otherwise expressly provided in this Indenture) (each such report a “Monthly Report”). As used herein, the “Monthly Report Determination Date” with respect to any calendar month will be the last day of the calendar month preceding the month in which the Monthly Report is made available. The Monthly Report for a calendar month shall contain the following information with respect to the Collateral Obligations and Eligible Investments included in the Assets, and shall be determined as of the close of business on the Monthly Report Determination Date for such calendar month:

  • Periodic Reviews During January of each year during the term hereof, the Board of Directors of the Company shall review Executive's Annual Salary, bonus, stock options, and additional benefits then being provided to Executive. Following each such review, the Company may in its discretion increase the Annual Salary, bonus, stock options, and benefits; however, the Company shall not decrease such items during the period Executive serves as an employee of the Company. Prior to November 30th of each year during the term hereof, the Board of Directors of the Company shall communicate in writing the results of such review to Executive.

  • Log Reviews All systems processing and/or storing PHI COUNTY discloses to 11 CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY 12 must have a routine procedure in place to review system logs for unauthorized access.

  • Reviews (a) During the term of this Agreement and for 7 years after the term of this Agreement, the HSP agrees that the LHIN or its authorized representatives may conduct a Review of the HSP to confirm the HSP’s fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement. For these purposes the LHIN or its authorized representatives may, upon 24 hours’ Notice to the HSP and during normal business hours enter the HSP’s premises to:

  • Business Hours All Service Requests (other than in relation to faults) entered into OSS/BSS by Service Providers outside of Business Hours on any Business Day will be deemed to have been received in the first Business Hour on the next Business Day and Service Levels will be calculated accordingly.

  • Annually 1. SAS 70 report or other internal control reports. If a standard internal control report is not available please provide a description of what controls are in place to prevent things such as rogue trading, trades outside our guidelines or the Fund Account investment objectives, and general violation of the Sub-Adviser’s policies or code of ethics.

  • Shift Hours All shifts assigned by the Employer must conform with the following guidelines: