Member of the Company definition

Member of the Company means a person appointed under Rule 7.1.2 whose name is entered for the time being on the Register of Members being voting Members of the company;
Member of the Company s Group" means a person within the Company's Group;
Member of the Company means Rowing Members for the purposes of the Companies Act, 2013 as defined in Article 9(a) of rule III

Examples of Member of the Company in a sentence

  • Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, a Member entitled to attend and vote at the AGM is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his/her behalf and the proxy need not be a Member of the Company.

  • A Director who is not a Member of the Company shall nevertheless be entitled to attend and speak at general meetings.

  • The Member is deemed admitted as the Member of the Company upon its execution and delivery of this Agreement.

  • An assignment of such interest to a person or entity who is not a Member of the Company shall only entitle such person or entity to the allocations and distributions to which the assigned interest is entitled, unless such person or entity applies for admission to the Company and is admitted to the Company as a Member in accordance with this Agreement.

  • A Member of the Company who is present at a meeting of the Members at which action on any matter is taken shall be presumed to have assented to the action taken, unless the dissent of such Member shall be entered in the minutes of the meeting or unless such Member shall file a written dissent to such action with the person acting as the secretary of the meeting before the meeting’s adjournment.

  • Every person nominated to be a Member of the Company shall either sign a written consent to become a Member or sign the register of Members on becoming a Member.

  • The Directors may from time to time appoint any person whether or not a Member of the Company to be a patron of the Company or to hold any honorary office and may determine for what period he is to hold such office.

  • During such time as there is only one Member of the Company, the Company shall be treated as a disregarded entity for federal income tax purposes.

  • Any organisation which is a Member of the Company may by resolution of its board of directors or other governing body authorise such person as it thinks fit to act as its representative at any meeting of the Company, and the person so authorised shall be entitled to exercise the same powers on behalf of the organisation which he represents as that organisation could exercise if it were an individual Member of the Company.

  • None of the events described in Section 18-304 of the Act shall cause the Member to cease to be a Member of the Company.

Related to Member of the Company

  • Member of the clergy means a clergyman or practitioner of any religious denomination accredited by the religious body to which he or she belongs.

  • Member of the minor s family" means the minor's parent, stepparent, spouse, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt, whether of the whole or half blood or by adoption.

  • Member of the Board means an individual who is a member of the Board or of the board of directors of a Subsidiary or an Affiliate.

  • Member of the Service means a person appointed in a substantive capacity under the provisions of these rules and orders/rules in force previous to the commencement of these rules, to a post in the cadre of the service.

  • ordinary member of the committee means a member of the committee who is not an officer of the Association under Rule 21;

  • Member of the University Community means students, faculty, or staff, or other persons affiliated with the University.

  • Member of the Immediate Family means, with respect to any Person who is an individual, (a) each parent, spouse (but not including a former spouse or a spouse from whom such Person is legally separated) or child (including those adopted) of such individual and (b) each trustee, solely in his or her capacity as trustee, for a trust naming only one or more of the Persons listed in sub-clause (a) as beneficiaries.

  • Member of the family shall have the meaning prescribed by Code Section 529(e)(2), and shall mean any individual who bears one of the following relationships to the beneficiary:

  • Member of the immediate family of the producer means a person who is related to a producer described in Subsection 59-12-104(20)(a) as a:

  • Member of the Group means the Company or any Affiliate of the Company from time to time;

  • Member of the household means any person who resides with the public official.

  • Subsidiary of the Company means any foreign or U.S. domestic corporation (other than the Company) in an unbroken chain of corporations beginning with the Company if each of the corporations other than the last corporation in the unbroken chain owns stock possessing 50 percent or more of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock in one of the other corporations in such chain.

  • Member of the public means any individual except when that individual is receiving an occupational dose.

  • Business of the Company means any business with the primary purpose of leasing assets to healthcare operators, or financing the ownership of or financing the operation of skilled nursing facilities, senior housing, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, or other residential healthcare-related real estate.

  • member of the work-related activity group means a person who has or is treated as having limited capability for work under either—

  • Member of the Executive Council means the Member of the Executive Council responsible for local government in the Province;

  • Member of the judge s family” means a spouse, domestic partner, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or other relative or person with whom the judge maintains a close familial relationship. See Rules 3.7, 3.8, 3.10, and 3.11.

  • Partnership Subsidiary means Host LP and any partnership, limited liability company, or other entity treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes or disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes in which either Host REIT or Host LP owns (or owned on or after January 1, 1999) an interest, either directly or through one or more other partnerships, limited liability companies or other entities treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes or disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes (whether or not Host REIT or Host LP has a controlling interest in, or otherwise has the ability to control or direct the operation of, such entity). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term “Partnership Subsidiary” shall not in any way be deemed to include the Non-Controlled Subsidiaries or subsidiaries thereof, the Taxable REIT Subsidiaries or subsidiaries thereof, or the Subsidiary REITs or subsidiaries thereof.

  • of the Company means any person who is or was a director, officer, employee or other agent of the Company or a subsidiary of the Company; or is or was serving at the request of, for the convenience of, or to represent the interests of the Company or a subsidiary of the Company as a director, officer, employee or agent of another foreign or domestic corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other enterprise; or was a director, officer, employee or agent of a foreign or domestic corporation which was a predecessor corporation of the Company or a subsidiary of the Company, or was a director, officer, employee or agent of another enterprise at the request of, for the convenience of, or to represent the interests of such predecessor corporation.

  • Sale of the Company means the sale of the Company to an Independent Third Party or affiliated group of Independent Third Parties pursuant to which such party or parties acquire (i) capital stock of the Company possessing the voting power to elect a majority of the Company's board of directors (whether by merger, consolidation or sale or transfer of the Company's capital stock) or (ii) all or substantially all of the Company's assets determined on a consolidated basis.

  • Member means any of the entities that make up the joint venture/consortium/association, and “Members” means all these entities.

  • Member bank means a national bank, state bank, or trust company which is a member of the United States federal reserve system.

  • Operating Subsidiary means a majority-owned subsidiary of a financial

  • Member of the Legislature means any person elected or

  • Partnership Group Member means any member of the Partnership Group.

  • Supervised financial organization means a person, other than an insurance company or other organization primarily engaged in an insurance business: