Bonus Arrangements Sample Clauses

Bonus Arrangements. Executive shall be entitled to participate in any performance-based bonus plan or other bonus arrangements maintained by the Company for its executive employees as determined by the Company’s Compensation and Stock Option Committee. In the event the Company does not maintain such a plan or arrangement, Executive will be eligible for such discretionary bonuses as may be determined from time to time by the Compensation and Stock Option Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company. In addition to the foregoing, Executive shall be entitled to receive a performance-based bonus of up to twenty-five percent (25%) of Basic Compensation, as determined by the Company’s Compensation and Stock Option Committee and Chief Executive Officer, at the end of each fiscal year of service based upon Executive’s performance including, without limitation, consideration of the following criteria: the Company’s actual results of operations compared with the Company’s business plan as adopted by the Company’s Board of Directors; restaurant development; and management retention. Any such bonus will be payable in accordance with the terms of such bonus plan or arrangement or, if there is no such plan or arrangement, within 2½ months after the end of the fiscal year of the Company to which it relates but in no event later than the end of the calendar year in which such fiscal year ends.
Bonus Arrangements. In addition to the Base Salary provided for in Paragraph 5 hereof, the Board, or a duly authorized committee thereof, may authorize and instruct the Company to pay to the Employee, pursuant to an incentive compensation plan formally adopted by the Board or a committee thereof or otherwise, bonus payments ("Discretionary Bonus") dependent upon the Employee's individual performance and contribution for a given fiscal year, the Company's financial performance for such fiscal year and/or such other criteria as the Board, or such designated committee thereof, shall determine. The payment of any Discretionary Bonus to be made to the Employee shall be in the sole discretion of the Board, or such designated committee thereof and may be paid in cash or, if mutually agreeable to the Board (or such designated committee thereof) and the Employee, in stock, other securities of the Company, or other assets of the Company and upon such other terms as they may mutually agree.
Bonus Arrangements. (i) Performance Bonuses. Parent shall be solely responsible for payment of prorated bonus incentive payouts based on actual performance as of the Closing Date pursuant to all 2010 Parent-sponsored incentive bonus plans for Performance Packaging.
Bonus Arrangements. (i) By agreeing to the new arrangements, you will also waive your entitlement to payments earned in the first two quarters under the 2002/03 Senior Management Incentive Plan.
Bonus Arrangements. 7.1 Recipharm AB and Recipharm acknowledge that Consort operates annual bonus arrangements (the Bonus Arrangements) which are conditional on financial and individual performance.
Bonus Arrangements. CHP shall have received satisfactory evidence that all bonus plans under which officers, directors or employees of the Advisor or the Development Company are beneficiaries have been terminated as of the Closing Date;
Bonus Arrangements. Holdings shall maintain or cause to be maintained the bonus practices of LIN-Texas as applicable to Transferred Employees, as in effect on the Agreement Date, through the end of LIN-Texas's fiscal year in which the Closing occurs, with bonuses to be paid to the Transferred Employees participating thereunder at levels consistent with past practice.
Bonus Arrangements. For achievement of the Business Plan in year one you will receive a payment of 20% of basic salary. You may also receive an additional payment of up to a further 30% of basic salary on a sliding scale, for performance in excess of Plan, subject to achievement of a series of personal objectives to be agreed with Xxxx Xxxxxxx. Recognising the uncertainty of these objectives and the Plan at the time of writing, in this first year, you will be guaranteed a minimum payment of 10% of basic salary, payable at the end of the month following publication of Command's annual results and subject to you being in employment and not under notice at that time. These bonus arrangements are discretionary and may be altered or withdrawn by the Company at any time.
Bonus Arrangements. Executive will be eligible to participate in Samson’s annual discretionary bonus program, subject to the terms and conditions thereof (including continued employment through the bonus payment date). Any Annual Bonus payable to Executive shall be less applicable tax withholdings.
Bonus Arrangements. Employee shall not be entitled to receive any bonus payments from the Company.